ABC News: Serial Bomber’s ‘Kelly Killmore’ Alias Exposed Him

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A suspected serial bomber who terrorized Austin, Texas, used the name “Kelly Killmore” to ship two bomb packages via FedEx on Sunday — accelerating the hunt for the killer, ABC News reported.

According to the news outlet, after one of packages detonated at a facility in Schertz, Texas, it gave investigators new information that quickly established a possible suspect identity.

ABC News reported photos it obtained and reviewed appeared to show the suspect, Mark Anthony Conditt, wearing a wig and hat and light colored gloves dropping off the packages at a FedEx location in Austin on Sunday.

But they stayed hidden in the shipping system until one exploded on a conveyer belt at a facility in Schertz.

After that blast, a rapid series of breaks occurred, ABC News reported — and as investigators closed in, Conditt apparently took his own life by detonating a bomb after a brief pursuit by police early Wednesday.

“We try to identify all the components, and we break it down to where the components are sold, and who would have bought those, and if they bought multiple components,” Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives special agent in charge Fred Milanowski told ABC News.

“Eventually you get to suspects and tie them into other areas. The vehicle and the area, what stores they were at, was there videotape.”

Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Melesio Hernandez credits the partnerships between state and federal law enforcement with bringing the manhunt to an end.

“That was the key in developing this case,” Hernandez told ABC News.

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