Tuesday, May 11, 2021

African Cardinal: We Must Rebel Against Same-sex “Marriage” & LGBT Imperialism

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One of the West’s biggest, though often unnoted, exports is sexual-devolutionary dogma. Africans have often lamented this, and now a prelate in Burkina Faso has appealed to Christian families to “‘rebel’ against the lobbies which advocate and want to impose same-sex marriage and libertinism” on the world, reports AIB.Media.

Cardinal Philippe Ouédraogo, metropolitan archbishop of Ouagadougou, made his remarks in his Easter vigil sermon last weekend at the Cathedral of Ouagadougou.

“‘While adopting the positive values ​​of modernity, as active agents of the future of the world, African Christian families should rebel against the imperialism of certain lobbies and associations which advocate and want to impose same-sex marriage, debauchery etc.,’ declared Cardinal Phillipe [sic] Ouédraogo,” AIB.Media continues (auto-translated from French and edited for style).

“Just like on Christmas, the Cardinal reaffirmed his opposition to same-sex marriage, [and also] rejected polygamy and adultery before emphasizing the ‘indissolubility’ of Christian marriage,” the site also informs.

“The cardinal’s words came in the wake of a Vatican declaration banning Catholic clergy from granting blessings to same-sex couples, a measure that has generated consternation among progressive clergy and laity especially in the German-speaking world,” Breitbart adds.

Breitbart also tells us that

Ouédraogo went on to condemn the “insidious imposition” of anti-natalist programs and abortion on African nations.

“Every Christian should, like Saint Joseph, be welcoming to human life, be open to it and protect it,” he declared.

“The ultimate witness incumbent on all Christians in this society involves seeking the things that are above and not those of the earth, which are ephemeral,” he said.

The Biden administration recently announced that it will reintroduce countries’ abortion policy as part of the State Department’s annual survey of global human rights, reversing a decision by the Trump administration.

As part of the official U.S. human rights program, the State Department will resume the practice of the Obama administration of pressing countries to legalize abortion and same-sex marriage, a position that has angered Africans who view the measure as an imposition of Western values.

… A group called Culture of Life Africa released a video [below] titled “A Message for President Biden,” which begins: “We appeal to Joe Biden, please do not, do not, do not, sponsor abortion in Africa.”

Homosexual acts are illegal in most of Africa, as this list outlines. And while it’s not explicitly criminalized in Burkina Faso, the nation does prohibit any “act of a sexual nature that is contrary to good morals” and, in addition, does not recognize same-sex “marriage.”

In keeping with this, many Africans find the Western obsession with imposing sexual devolutionary dogma puzzling. “Why do Westerners care about these things?” they may ask.


There are multiple reasons, of course. These include obvious ones such as how the greentopians and feminists may encourage prenatal infanticide because, respectively, it reduces population growth and frees women up to engage in masculine endeavors (e.g., having “careers”).

They may possibly encourage homosexuality for a similar reason: It reduces fecundity and the chances of family formation. Then there are the less well known sexual-devolutionary motivations.

Humans are creatures who believe things. Everyone needs meaning in life, a reason to get up in the morning. People lacking such sometimes end up eating sleeping pills or a .45-caliber bullet.

Yet godlessness is rife in the West and, to paraphrase Belgian poet Émile Cammaerts, “When people cease believing in God, it’s not that they start to believe in nothing. It’s that they’ll believe in anything.”

The “anything” many believe in today is what I call “changeism” (commonly known as leftism). Unmoored from the eternal (Truth), its adherents glom onto the ephemeral. They’re values fashionistas: Being with the latest social styles makes them feel cutting edge, in the in, “enlightened.”

“A new car is better, the latest technology is better (presumably), and the latest “values” are better, too” is perhaps the thinking. (Never mind that, as G.K. Chesterton noted, most “new” ideas are simply old mistakes.) I suspect this is why some “leftists” will embrace the latest cultural obsessions — e.g., “transgenderism” — no matter how ridiculous they are.

Another factor is that sexuality is an extremely powerful force. It can become an addiction, and just as a crack addict may steal to fuel his craving, those in its grip may resort to desperate measures to ensure they won’t be denied their fix.

That is to say, they’re threatened by “traditional” sexual mores — which condemn their sexual affinities — as a drug addict is threatened by a vice squad. Allow those mores to remain, anywhere, and who knows? They one day may spread and spoil your fun.

The final factor I’ll mention is that no one likes being wrong. Of course, a Truth-oriented person avoids being wrong by conforming his life to what’s right, and he knows that “right” transcends man. But sexual devolutionaries almost universally reckon right and wrong quite differently.

Being moral relativists, they subscribe to the Protagorean notion that man “is the measure of all things” and believe that what we call right and wrong is determined by the people in the given time and place (i.e., they’re conflating it with preference). A good example is a Jewish man I once debated on this issue who, when I told him that relativism makes it impossible to credibly say Hitler was “wrong,” responded, “If all the people at the time would have agreed he was right, he would have been right.”

The point? On some level, many if not most sexual devolutionaries believe that right and wrong are determined by majority “vote.” Thus, a majority embrace of traditional sexual mores would make them wrong. They don’t want to be wrong, and rightness can only be achieved by making their values popular. And the more popular they are, the more “right” the devolutionaries will be.

Yes, this may be alien thinking to you (hopefully). But it’s also an example of how you can’t understand the cultural revolutionaries unless you avoid projection and realize they occupy an alien philosophical universe. Know, too, that, unfortunately, these aliens do not come in peace.

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