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America’s Delusion: 500,000-Plus COVID-19 Deaths

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To watch CNN and the COVID-19 “death ticker,” aptly named by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, viewers may easily give into the widespread fears that the COVID-19 has claimed more than the staggering number of 500,000 American lives. Yet even a nominal inquiry into these fatalities reveals that the true COVID-19 death count is much more opaque.

An even deeper analysis, as posited by writer S.G. Cheah in a December 2020 article in the digital-subscription Evie Magazine, suggests that America’s real suffering is associated not with the virus at all but rather a “mass insanity” through irrational fear of a treatable virus that is destroying personal liberties and freedoms.

First, the numbers. As of February 14, 2021, the CDC states, “there were co-morbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificate in 94 percent of all COVID-19 deaths.” As posted on the CDC website, the most common conditions present with COVID-19 at the time of death include: influenza and pneumonia (44.7 percent; 203,395 deaths); hypertension (19.9 percent; 90,511 deaths); diabetes (15.8 percent; 72,050 deaths); and Alzheimer Disease and other dementias (14.5 percent; 65, 846 deaths). Factoring these figures into the death counts attributed solely to the virus begs the question of accuracy. Have fatality rates propagated by mainstream media been exaggerated?

Upon further evaluation of the CDC report, it is questionable whether any deaths can be attributed exclusively to the coronavirus. As the CDC acknowledges, “The six percent of death certificates in which COVID-19 was the only condition listed was likely related to a lack of detail listed about other conditions present at the time of death.” Unfortunately, scant reporting of such critical information only sustains the belief that the coronavirus is a disease that inevitably kills.


Now, this is not to say that the coronavirus is not dangerous or lethal, especially for those with high-risk underlying conditions. However, the media’s substantial failure to draw the distinction between dying with COVID, as opposed to dying from COVID, continues to shield the public from the truth, effectively keeping many Americans in a perpetual state of fear. Furthermore, elsewhere in the CDC report is information stating that “in an estimated 91 percent of [deaths attributed to COVID-19 on death certificates], COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause of death. In the remaining nine percent, COVID-19 was listed as a contributing cause of death.” This data seems to contradict the information regarding comorbidities, suggesting that the “real” cause of death is impossible to know.

For months, in the name of safety, the government has plagued Americans with blatant attacks of fear- and panic-mongering. As Dr. Joseph Mercola points out in his article “The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis,” examining the work of psychiatrist and medical legal expert Dr. Mark McDonald, “The true public health crisis lies in the widespread fear which morphed and evolved into a form of mass delusional psychosis.” Having submitted to tyrannical government overreach, many Americans have consequently failed to awaken from this irrational reality, and they remain afraid.

McDonald goes on to say that people experiencing this highly illogical state of anxiety about the coronavirus “believe that they are going to die — no matter what age, no matter what state of health they’re in…. That’s delusional psychosis. It’s false, it’s wrong, it’s not backed up by evidence. And many, many Americans are living that and believing that.”

Consider the somber, ceremonial moment of silence at the White House on the evening of February 22, when President Biden addressed the “cruel fate” of the nation, marking the latest death count a “grim, heartbreaking milestone,” further perpetuating the mainstream media’s narrative of manipulation to formulate fear. This is the same person who has asked Americans to “join [him] to remember, so we can heal; to find purpose in the work ahead; to show that there is light in the darkness.”

Yet the president’s refusal to assuage the public’s fear based on the false narrative that the coronavirus warrants such delusional thinking keeps many Americans in an immutable state of terror. Biden instead suggested that Americans “resist becoming numb to the sorrow … resist viewing each life as a statistic or a blur or, on the news. We must do so to honor the dead. But, equally important, to care for the living.” Biden’s pledge to care for the living seems antithetical to the requirements of his administration that are causing millions of Americans to remain unemployed, their businesses permanently shuttered and their children isolated at home and not in school.

At a briefing also on Monday, White House Press secretary Jen Psaki emphasized the drama of the crisis stating, “We need to remain vigilant…. It’s still going to be months and months of sacrifice, of work, of suffering, unfortunately, in order to get through the pandemic.” Sadly, as Psaki’s remarks demonstrate, it seems the Biden administration’s demands, coupled with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent predictions, ensure that Americans are certain to be sorrowful owing to a future shrouded in darkness through the year 2022.  

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