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Battle of the Khazars. Crimea. 20th century history

by Anton Kolmykov

Crimea and most of Ukraine is always the land of Russia. The division was conducted by the enemies of Russia, who created the necessary information background and cut the USSR (Russia) into parts. The separation of Ukraine and Belarus is the same as a divided Germany – the FRG and the GDR. People against this section. In 1991, a referendum was held and the entire population voted for life in one country. Having violated the decision of the people and the referendum, the USSR was divided by the enemies of Russia and the peoples. As is now known, it was the protégés of the United States and Britain who performed their task. The annexation of the Crimea to Russia is as joyful as the reunification of Germany.

The history of the peninsula of Crimea has a bloody page, which they are trying to keep silent and the Jewish media will not tell about it. In fact, the story is not over and the war goes on continuously. Therefore, everyone should know the past and the prospects of this Jewish claim to Russia. Everyone should know the positions of the parties.

A few years ago, Mikhail Poltoranin, who was heading the State Commission on the Declassification of the Archives of the KGB of the USSR as the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, told TVC on the Russian television channel TVT in the Moment of Truth program that told why Khrushchev transferred Crimea to Ukraine.

We present to your attention the sensational facts promulgated by M. Poltoranin:

“Khrushchev inherited the Crimean problem. Mikhail Lurye (known as Yuri Larin, leader of the revolutionary movement – ed.) Came up with the idea to create a Jewish republic in the Crimea, when there was neither Birobidzhan nor Israel. Rosenberg from the Joint (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, American Jewish Joint Committee for the Distribution of Funds, Jewish Charitable Organization – ed.) Threw this idea to him.

In 1922, Agro-Joint was formed in Simferopol and began to relocate Jews to Crimea. They began to create Jewish collective farms there. 186 collective farms created. These were Jews from Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria. Everywhere Jews could go. In 1923, Agro-Joint in Moscow organized an exhibition: agricultural equipment and so on. That’s how it will be in the Crimea, if we help the Jews settle there. Lenin, already ill, went to this exhibition and gave the go-ahead.

The Soviet government received from the Joint every year 900 thousand dollars at 5 percent for 10 years. To do this, the USSR issued bonds shares. Under the provision of the Crimean land divided into shares. For the beginning of the action-shares to the Crimean land received 200 people. The then President Hoover received, the future – Roosevelt, his wife Eleonora, Louis Marshall received (American lawyer and public figure, one of the largest Jewish leaders of the United States in the first three decades of the twentieth century. He belonged to the Jewish elite of New York, consisting mainly of families – descendants from Germany – Ed. Then they received many others (politicians, businessmen, bankers). Several million hectares, all of Crimea, in essence. That is, in fact, the Soviet government took a loan under a bill, for which stood the Crimean territory. And if we do not pay this loan, this debt before the 54th year, then we give the Americans the land of Crimea. Stalin stole this idea – in 1934 he took and created Birobidzhan, because unrest arose in the Crimea. Tatars train arriving with the Jews did not pass and returned back. Began to smash the Jewish settlements. Stalin said that we can not kindle the national flame. Bills remained with the Americans. Everything else went on as before, loans were taken.

In 1943, Stalin complained to Joseph Broz Tito, Djilas was present at this meeting, he recorded the conversation. Stalin told Tito that he could not send him a part of the American Lend-Lease (the state program for which the United States passed on to its allies in World War II: ammunition, equipment, food and strategic raw materials, including oil products – ed.), Because that the Americans threaten to freeze it. The Jewish lobby in America is very strong, and they require me to continue the project “Crimean California.” We cannot (say the Americans) open a second front until you make decisions on the Crimea. And then Stalin instructed to prepare the deportation of the Crimean Tatars. The financial oligarchs of America needed Crimea.

And then, in 1945, US Secretary of Commerce Harriman — in my hands in a strictly confidential letter — had to come to Stalin in November and resolve the issue of the Crimea (reads):

“Dear Averell!

President Truman approves your plans. He added only the following. The existence on the territory of Crimea of ​​the base of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet and the Jewish Republic is incompatible. Crimea should be a demilitarized zone. Let Stalin know that he must be prepared to relocate the fleet from Sevastopol. ”

Poltoranin continues: “That is, to give the Crimea no longer as a Soviet republic. No, Crimea is a Jewish independent state. This includes, in addition to the Crimea, Sochi to the border with Abkhazia, plus the Kherson region, plus the Odessa region. That is, to create Israel not in Palestine, but in the Crimea.

Stalin began to argue, to say that there was a congress in Basel in 1897, and it was decided that homeless Jews would create their own state in Palestine. The British were against it. They captured Palestine during the war (British Mandate). And then Stalin gave the command through Bulgaria to supply the Jews in 1946, who fought against the Arabs and the British. Tens of thousands of machine guns, machine guns, howitzers were delivered.

Stalin began to rub his hands: we helped, Israel will be in Palestine, everything is over. But there were bills. We have not yet extinguished them, the time has not yet come. And when the time began to approach – 1953, then … The fact that Khrushchev gave the Crimea to Ukraine was the same as Stalin’s homework. All promissory notes signed by the Government of Russia, the RSFSR. Despite the creation of Israel in Palestine, the idea to get the Crimean California remained. And when the ambassador of Israel, Golda Meir, came to us, in two weeks they organized two meetings. Each consisted of up to 50 thousand people. These were people from Moscow, St. Petersburg, even from Siberia came. Earlier, when they wanted to create Israel in the Crimea, they recommended that the head of state Mikhoels. When Golda talked to Stalin, he proposed Kaganovich. But Golda insisted on Mikhoels.

When they organized these meetings with demands to fulfill promises to America, to give the Crimea, then the idea to liquidate the fifth column matured. Send to “New Earth”, away from the borders. Already sent 17 ships with barbed wire and other for the device camps. It was the “White Partridge” operation. Because the Bolsheviks would never have agreed to pay the Crimea for debts. The Black Sea is already a strategy, ”concludes Poltoranin.

The whole story from Poltoranin is certainly interesting. The “white partridge” could be fictional later for excuses. We work on the facts and there is other information that complements and corrects the historical picture.

17 steamers with barbed wire is nonsense! Why wire on New Earth? There is nowhere to run. Who will unload it from the steamers? If ships are being sent, then the Jews should already have been on these ships. There is no such fact. Because it is the fiction of the Jews to justify their crimes.

It was only at the beginning that they talked only about the Crimea. The Jewish commissars initially planned to take only the Crimea for themselves, and therefore in the first years of their rule of 1917-22 they violently exterminated the population of the Crimea and, as is now known, the bodies there were considered carriages, not pieces.

Later, when the occupants realized that they could take more, the claims expanded to Kazan itself and the cleansing of the territories was carried out by all means – famines, dispossession, expropriations, deportations, etc. At the same time, in a strange way, all these plans were lobbied by Churchill, and this territory invented by the Jews of Khazaria was associated by Churchill with the opening of the Second Front.

As far as we know about those events, at the Teheran Conference of 1943, it was Churchill who set the transfer of the territory of the fictional Khazaria to the Jews as a condition for the opening of the Second Front. Literally, he said so (there were witnesses): “We have already cleaned out these territories and we need only a little refinement …”. At that moment it seemed that even Stalin himself was not aware of the scale of the activities of the Jewish parts of the NKVD. Stalin himself was supervised by the NKVD until 1949 – the criminologist explains in the State Duma of Russia (video 5 minutes).

1. Lenin is not Ulyanov. Lenin is a US citizen, a Jew. The corpse must be identified and transferred to the United States.

2. History can be checked on biographies. Example:
Borodin Norman Mikhailovich (1911-1974). Born in Chicago (USA) in the family of professional revolutionary M.M. Borodin (Gruzenberg). He graduated from the Leningrad Marine Technical School (1930), in 1930-34. He studied at Queen Frederick University (now – the University of Oslo), the German Institute for Foreigners at Sorbonne, in 1934-1935. – at the philological faculty of Moscow State University and at the Military Chemical Academy of the Red Army, and also in 1938 he graduated from the Technical University in New York. KP member. In the organs of the State Security since March 1930: officer of the OGPU USSR. In the years 1931-1936. He was in short-term business trips in Austria, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and France, with a break for 1934-1935. to study at the Military Chemical Academy of the Red Army. Since 1937,…

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