Bloody Leftist Hands: Conservaphobia Caused Scalise Shooting

Will Donald Trump Win the 2020 Election?


When baseball-field shooter James Hodgkinson tried to kill as many Republicans “as possible” on Wednesday, he didn’t act alone. Oh, in a de jure sense he did, but the de-facto reality is that there were many accessories before the fact: the media, academia, and Hollywood — Kathy Griffin and President Trump-killing Shakespeare in the park come to mind.

Many leftist commentators, exhibiting selective memory, behave as if the Hodgkinson shooting occurred in a vacuum. Yet it’s just the latest in a pattern of leftist violence, only with a different tool. Instead of fists, a club or incendiary device, Hodgkinson used a gun.

The Daily Caller just outlined this phenomenon, what it calls “an escalating pattern of violence and…

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