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British Government Must Protect Young Girls from Barbarity of Islam – Veterans Today

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KARAMOJA, UGANDA – 2018/02/01: Girls sit in the yard at Kalas Girls Primary School, Amudat District, Karamoja, Uganda. They each escaped home after their families tried to force them to undergo FGM or to enter into an early marriage. Female genital mutilation (FGM) has been outlawed in Uganda since 2010, but aid workers and police say it’s still being practiced by tribes in the northeast, including the Pokots, Sebei, Tepeth and Kadama. (Photo by Sally Hayden/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

No-one in their right mind would attempt to defend the utterly barbarous, immensely cruel and completely inhumane practice of female genital mutilation, a practice so disgusting and horrible, I will save the readers from any description other than to say that having your most intimate parts chopped off and as a result being left mutilated and traumatised is even more harrowing and life changing that you might imagine.

Women who survive this truly bestial mutilation (many die due to trauma, blood loss or later succumb to horrific infections) suffer life long PTSD, are often rendered infertile and invariably, lead painful, bitter and unhappy lives; the very essence of their womanhood having been brutally torn away in order to serve the desires of men.

Why is this practice carried out? Once again, it is due to the evils of religion, in this case Islam, which, despite modern apologists claiming otherwise, is a medieval cult designed to empower men and enslave women, the product of an extremely male dominated culture where women were mere possessions.

While it does not state anywhere in the Koran that FGM should be practised, the ‘prophet’ Mohammed supposedly called it a ‘noble’ practise and this has been recorded in one of the hadiths (sayings of Mohammed). Of course, Mohammed also thought it was perfectly acceptable for old men to rape little girls, as he himself did when he took his third ‘wife’.

Is it really acceptable for anyone in the modern world to follow the sayings of a pedophile warlord from the 7th century?

The long and short of it is that FGM destroys women’s lives and has absolutely no place in the modern world, it is a practice that must be outlawed and stamped out, regardless of any religious bullshit.

Which brings us to the real villain of this piece, The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, The Secretary of State for the Home Department, who has once again failed to be a decent human being by allowing a little girl to remain in Britain, safe from the bestial Islamic genital choppers waiting to mutilate her if she is ever deported back to the country her mother escaped from in order to save her daughter from this monstrous practice.

Priti Patel is the most disgusting politician in recent memory, she is a blatant stooge for the Zionist crimelords, making expensive trips to Israel that proved highly controversial when she was rumbled as being a traitor to Britain in the pay of Tel-Aviv. More recently, the disgraceful way this pig of a woman treats the civil servants who are her colleagues has come to light, revealing for all to see just what a piece of shit Patel is. Oh, and she absolutely hates Muslims, being a Hindu from the Zionist-aligned tradition that has lead to a far-right nationalist government in India under Israeli puppet Modi.

Pressure from the British people is growing, protests organised, petitions collected, so hopefully Patel will be forced to do the right thing and this innocent little girl can be saved from the evils of Islamic mutilators.

Pressure mounts on Priti Patel to grant asylum to Sudanese girl

London, July 11 (IANS) UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has been urged by former judges and politicians to grant asylum to an 11-year-old Sudanese girl who would be at high risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) if taken abroad.

Around 300 people including politicians, judges and activists have signed an open letter to Patel.

The case of the Sudanese girl, Jasmine, gathered enormous support since it was reported by the The Guardian newspaper last week that she remained at risk of deportation to Sudan via Bahrain despite being the subject of an FGM protection order.

Labour MP Helena Kennedy, former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal and more than 30 MPs have added their names to the letter published by the the Good Law Project, a not-for-profit membership organisation.

The letter is spearheaded by activist Hooda Ali who herself is a victim of FGM and has witnessed life-changing consequences after being cut aged seven.

Ali said: “Jasmine will be aware of FGM because her mother has been cut, her aunties died after being cut. She will have been taught in school that her body belongs to her… But at home she hears of risk of FGM, that is incredibly confusing and scary.”

Patel mounted a legal challenge around the case, which was dismissed at a hearing last month in the court of appeal.

Kennedy said: “This case has been fought hard by the Home Office because it lives in terror that if it becomes too easy to flee FGM and get asylum, the UK will be flooded with applicants. But every case should be decided on its own merit. It is very important our courts take a tough position on Female Genital Mutilation, which is a form of torture.”

Jasmine was brought to the UK at the age of three by her mother, who is also a victim of FGM and whose two sisters died after being cut in their native Sudan.

The single mother”s claim for asylum failed but inquiries by the family court into her daughter”s welfare led a judge to conclude: “It is difficult to think of a clearer or more serious case where the risk of FGM is so high.”

Good Law Project
Protect Jasmine from FGM and allow her to stay in the UK

To: The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, The Secretary of State for the Home Department

Jasmine is age 11 and is at high risk of female genital mutilation (“FGM”) if she is returned to Bahrain or Sudan. Her story was featured in the Guardian on 3 July 2020 and it has roused significant public support.

Jasmine and her family are of Sudanese origin and hold only Bahraini citizenship. They have lived in the UK for almost 8 years. Jasmine’s mother applied for asylum in 2012 due to concerns that Jasmine would be cut if she was returned to Sudan or Bahrain. Her asylum claim was refused. The Immigration Courts are often unfriendly environments for vulnerable mothers and especially children who do not have the benefit of independent representation, for example, through a children’s guardian.

Jasmine is commended for her bravery in telling her teacher that she was worried about being removed from the UK. Jasmine’s school contacted Suffolk County Council who then applied for an FGM Protection Order in the Family Courts to protect Jasmine from FGM abroad. Suffolk County Council should be commended for their preventative actions in taking the case to Court.

After a court case that spanned over 12 months, Mr Justice Newton assessed the risk of FGM to Jasmine and found that “It is difficult to think of a clearer or more serious case where the risk to A [Jasmine] of FGM is so high. I find without hesitation overwhelmingly that there is a high risk of FGM to A [Jasmine]”. The experts in the case gave their consistent opinion that Jasmine would suffer gravely if she was removed from the UK. Those experts included: a psychiatrist, a Professor in anthropology, the child’s social worker, an independent social worker and the children’s guardian who represented the child.

There is overwhelming evidence to support Jasmine being granted refugee status. In the case of Fornah in 2006, it was established that risk of FGM is a sufficient ground to grant refugee status. If this at-risk child is not granted refugee status, then what child would meet such a high test?

FGM can have serious physical and mental health consequences which can be life changing. Long term risks include infections, paralysis of the bladder and infertility. This form of abuse also carries a risk of severe bleeding and even death. The family have first-hand experience of this after two of the mother’s sisters died as a result of being cut in Sudan. Jasmine’s three cousins were also cut. Jasmine’s mother was subject to Type III FGM, which is considered the most serious and physically invasive form of FGM. The mother does not support FGM but as a single mother she would not be able to protect Jasmine from FGM if they were removed from the UK. The mother would be financially reliant on her family members who want Jasmine to be cut. The mother is highly vulnerable; she has a “diagnosis of recurrent depression, anxiety and PTSD” and she suffered “adverse physical consequences of FGM”.

Jasmine’s case has been going on since August 2012. In the Family Court there have been around seven Court hearings. We would respectfully suggest that the public money spent on those seven hearings would be better spent on granting Jasmine and her family refugee status in the UK.

There is no need to use further public resources on this case. We call on you to grant Jasmine and her family refugee status without asking them to make another asylum claim. Jasmine’s mother has PTSD and has been in and out of courts for 8 years, she should not be put through the gruelling process of making a further application for asylum on behalf of her daughter. And Jasmine, at the age of 11, should not be compelled to make her own asylum claim, a daunting prospect for any child.

Will you sign the petition and ask that the Home Secretary shows compassion and grants Jasmine and her family refugee status so that she can live safely in the UK without the risk of FGM?

Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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