Saturday, April 3, 2021

Business owner flees Seattle for Arizona, says liberal-run city ‘circling the drain’

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A former Seattle business owner who moved away after 40 years said on Wednesday that the liberal city is on a downward spiral.

Joey Rodolfo, a clothing designer and co-founder of Buki clothing, told “Fox & Friends” that he was back in the city recently and believes the governor and mayor have failed to address protests and riots by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, including this past weekend.

“There’s no consequences. And we have a city attorney that turns his back on business people and lets these people just run wild in the city and destroy property. Seattle, unfortunately, is circling the drain as we speak.”


Meanwhile, a video posted to Instagram on Saturday evening by user ‘standwithseattlepd’ shows a snow barrier built by protesters outside of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct.

In the video, a police vehicle is seen rolling backwards after attempting to drive over the barrier.

“Antifa goons blocked the exit of the East Precinct with a pile of snow tonight, in an effort to stop vehicles from responding to emergency calls,” the user claimed in the caption on a separate video showing a crowd of officers later standing around the barrier. 

Another video of the incident posted by journalist Andy Ngo shows the protesters cheering as the vehicle fails to make it over the snow barrier.


Rodolfo said he is looking forward to running his business in Arizona. He mentioned Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey started an organization called the Arizona Economic Authority which is run by a “visionary woman.”

“The type of industry that’s coming to Arizona is incredible for Arizona will become the number one semi-conductor producer in the country,” he said, applauding the president of the Arizona Economic Authority for “rolling out the red carpet” to bring in new businesses.

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