Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Border Security

Heritage Foundation to House GOP: Drop Border Tax Proposal

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, wrote in a paper that House Republicans should drop their plan for a border adjustment tax and work on tax reform without it. read more قالب وردپرس

Trump, Mexico Settle Sugar Dispute Just in Time for NAFTA Renegotiations

The new sugar agreement between Mexico and the United States is a sweet deal for Big Sugar, not so much for Americans wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth.           read more قالب وردپرس

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attacks on Iran’s Parliament, Khomeini’s Mausoleum

The ISIS attacks in Tehran illustrate, once again, that Iran and ISIS are on opposite sides in the “war on terror” that our government is fond of proclaiming as justification for our never-ending intervention in the Middle East. read more قالب...

U.K. Leaders: Fight Terror With Global Internet Censorship

Pointing to the latest terror attack to hit the United Kingdom, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May again called for international agreements to regulate and censor the Internet under the guise of battling “extremism.” Under the proposed plot, international agreements...

How Reliable Is the Leaked NSA Report on Russian Election Hacking?

The highly classified NSA report published by The Intercept Monday asserts that Russian state-sponsored hackers lauched cyber-attacks against U.S. voting machines. The document is clearly legitimate, but does that mean it is accurate? read more قالب وردپرس

Rep. Jones: "Asking God to Forgive Me" for Voting for Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

Representative Walter Jones seeks God's forgiveness for voting to authorize military force in Afghanistan and Iraq. read more قالب وردپرس

National Association of Secretaries of State: "Election Was Not Hacked"

Since the revelation of a highly classified NSA report Monday asserting that Russian intelligence agents targeted voting machines and the computer systems of election officials, the received wisdom seems to be that the election was hacked. The facts, however,...

Is Proposed "State of Liberty" Constitutional?

Six months ago a trio of Washington State legislators have proposed the creation of a new state out of Eastern Washington, called "Liberty." But is this constitutional? read more قالب وردپرس

Trump's pick for FBI director tied to Shariah-compliant deals

Christopher Wray is President Trump’s nominee to be the next director of the FBI, replacing James Comey. Shariah law is like a mysterious “other” for most Westerners, who may know of its intolerance of other religions and its criminal codes...

Immigration Deportation Cases Backlogged To 2022!

Continue Reading read more قالب وردپرس

Latest News

Trump Hails Plasma From Virus Survivors as 'Beautiful Ingredient'

President Donald Trump is encouraging coronavirus survivors to donate blood plasma to help treat people infected with the virus. Source link

BLM protesters in Seattle claim in suit that expensive gear to protect them from cops prices them out of civil rights: report

A lawsuit was filed Monday in a federal court in Seattle that claims protesters in the city are essentially being priced out of protesting for...

Rare Qianlong Dynasty Vase Sells for $9 Million – Veterans Today

Rare Chinese Vase Found in Pet-Filled Home Sells for $9 Millionby Claire Bugos/Smithsonianmag.comPorcelain vases and roaming pets can be a precarious combination. Luckily, a...

UN Report: North Korea has mini-nukes for missiles or??? – Veterans Today

A new report submitted on Monday by an independent, 15-member panel of experts on the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea...

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