Tuesday, September 22, 2020


SF archbishop calls COVID church rules a 'mockery' at protest

The Catholic archbishop of San Francisco on Sunday criticized why indoor retail shops are open but not houses of worship during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report. Source link

Occult Enneagram Invading School & Church

VIDEO - In this interview with The New American magazine's Alex Newman, Midwest Christian Outreach chief Don Veinot explains that occultism is invading homeschool materials and is even being peddled by well-known Christian publishers. In particular, the occult Enneagram...

California Mega-church Defies Latest Court Order Prohibiting Indoor Worship Services

This is the continuing of saga of what happens when an irresistible force (the state) meets an immovable object (MacArthur and his church). Source link

Judge Allows L.A. County to Temporarily Shut Down Church

A California judge granted Los Angeles County a victory over Grace Community Church on Thursday by temporarily suspending indoor worship at the church. The judge issued a preliminary injunction halting any indoor worship services in the church as the legal...

Los Angeles Fines Church Challenging Coronavirus Restrictions

Los Angeles County fined the church locked in a legal struggle with the county $1,000 for allegedly misplacing signs regarding coronavirus guidelines. The signs at Grace Community Church, which are required by local law, asked congregants not to enter the...

Former head pastor at Texas church indicted on child pornography charges

Two Texas men, including the former head pastor at a local church, were indicted on child pornography-related charges connected with crimes that date back as far as 2016. Source link

Church says Los Angeles County plans to take parking lot in retaliation for services amid Covid

A Los Angeles County church says it is being evicted from a portion of land that has been used as a parking lot for 45 years, in what the church’s lawyers say is retaliation for its decision to hold...

County Seizes Property From L.A. Church Challenging Coronavirus Restrictions

A California church challenged local coronavirus restrictions on worship services, and county authorities responded by canceling the church's five-decade-old lease. County officials informed Grace Community Church that it will terminate its decades-old lease on a parking lot after the church...

Los Angeles Cancels Lease on Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church

In a staggering show of vindictiveness, Los Angeles County served notice this weekend on Pastor John MacArthur that it was canceling his church’s lease on county property. Source link

Christian Site Raises Over $100K for Kenosha Shooting Suspect

A Christian crowdfunding website has raised more than $100,000 so far for Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse, Newsweek reports. Donations keep rolling in on GiveSendGo as other crowdfunding campaigns for Rittenhouse on GoFundMe and Fundly were taken down... Source...

Latest News

UK’s Boris Johnson announces new coronavirus prevention measures: ‘This is the moment we must act’

CDC updates guidance on coronavirusThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says COVID-19 can spread through the air; Dr....

Syria to file lawsuit against Trump for plotting murder of President Assad

The Syrian Bar Association decided to file a lawsuit against US President Donald Trump, after he admitted his intention to assassinate Syrian President Bashar...

120,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Discovered in Saudi Arabia – Veterans Today

Researchers identified seven prehistoric human footprints at Alathar, a dried-up lake bed in Saudi Arabia. (Palaeodeserts Project)Footprints Could be the Oldest Evidence of Homo...

Biden Denies the Second Amendment Protects an Individual Right

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says a lot of strange things, but one thing he told a Town Hall in New Hampshire...

Some COVID-19 Patients Suffer From Phantom Smells – Veterans Today

COVID-19 Can Cause Parosmia and PhantosmiaSome Covid-19 patients are reporting that foods including coffee, chocolate and red wine smell awful. https://t.co/1amx1QlyTU— Smithsonian Magazine (@SmithsonianMag)...

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