Saturday, February 20, 2021


Pastor James Coates Jailed For Opening His Church After Wife Claims Canada Tried Him In Secret

“A Christian pastor from Edmonton Canada, has been jailed for breaking Alberta’s Public Health Act by continuing to hold church services when ordered to stop,” reports Breitbart. Pastor James Coates is the head pastor at Grace Life Church in...

Christian University to Abandon 'Crusaders' Nickname

Valparaiso University, a small Christian college in northwest Indiana, will shed itself of its Crusader mascot and logo, citing concerns about negative associations with religious oppression, violence, and hate groups. Source link

Prominent University Pushes “Retreat” to Purge Racism From “White Christian Folks”

If you’re white and Christian, you just must have “racism” in your heart, the theory goes. But fret not; help is on the way. For Tufts University is promoting a “Rooting Out Racism” event billed as “A free online...

Texas church shooting leaves two injured including child, hunt for suspect underway

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told reporters during a news conference that a 24/25 year-old man was on his way to an event at Greater Faith Institution Church with his girlfriend and their 6 year-old boy when the...

Supreme Court Partially Lifts California Church Ban

The Supreme Court late Friday lifted some restrictions California had put in place on church services in connection with the coronavirus pandemic while leaving others in place.  Source link

School Aims to Punish Christian Girl for Refusing to Attend Explicit “Sex-ed” Class

A Christian Illinois high-school senior now faces punishment for refusing to be party to our Sexual Devolution. ... The post School Aims to Punish Christian Girl for Refusing to Attend Explicit “Sex-ed” Class appeared first on The New American. Source link...

Washington state church raises $300,000 to wipe away medical burden for families across the Northwest

The church had come up with the idea nearly a year ago, even before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Source link

Christian Org Censored for Pointing Out Biology

"Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman." Source link

A Christian Prof’s ‘Wrongthink’ on ‘Transgender’ Issue

Baylor University students demand the English prof be canceled because she criticized Biden's expansion of Title IX. Source link

Biden Attends First Church Service as President

President Joe Biden attended church Sunday for the first time since entering the White House, The Hill reported. Source link

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Joe Biden’s New Plan Would Bring Back Illegals Deported by Trump, Even Some Convicted of Crimes

A new immigration bill pushed for by President Joe Biden would provide amnesty for illegal immigrants who have already been deported by United States...

Utah GOP Gov. Cox raises concerns about bill banning transgender youths from school sports

Utah’s conservative Republican Gov. Spencer Cox pushed back against state legislation Thursday that would regulate transgender youths in scholastic sports and at their doctors’...

Alleged AstraZeneca Fake Vaccines in Italy, Carabinieri investigate – Veterans Today

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT ItalyThe activity of acquiring documents arranged by the Perugia prosecutor to ascertain the methods of procuring anti...