Wednesday, June 3, 2020


The Catholic Church’s Continuing Cover-up

Sexual abuse of minors by priests has been erroneously referred to as "pedophilia." It's pederasty. Source link

Turkish Media Slam Washington over Exploiting Christianity against Ankara

By Gizem Akbash for Veterans Today Last week, several Turkish news sites published an article called “Washington Exploiting Christianity against Turkey” written by Adnan Cavusoglu. The author’s attention was drawn by the site, which covers the facts of...

Woman suing over rape by Mormon leader speaks at this church

A woman who sued a former Mormon missionary leader claiming that he raped her in the 1980s, went to his congregation in Arizona and said church leaders are covering for a "sexual predator." Source link

Is Priestly Celibacy at the Root of Catholic Church Scandals?

Some decry priestly celibacy as the main cause of Catholic sex-abuse scandals, but does a chaste lifestyle make a man more likely to molest minors? Source link

Pope Francis: Solution to the Church Abuse Scandal is for People to Shut Up

by Joshua Gill Pope Francis said Monday that the remedy to the groups clamoring about the church’s abuse scandals and recent cover-up allegations is prayer and more silence. Francis made the comments during his Monday homily at Mass in...

Is Homosexuality the Cause of Catholic Church Scandals?

Research points to a subculture of sodomy within Catholic Church hierarchy as the cause of the perversion epidemic. Source link

Parishioner Yells 'Shame On You' As Cardinal Addresses Sex Abuse Scandal in Church

A parishioner yelled "Shame on you" at Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl as he talked about the Catholic Church's clergy sexual abuse scandal on Sunday, CNN reported. Source link

SBC President Says He Didn't Sign Bible Praising Trump's Greatness

The president of the Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday defended his decision to attend a meeting of ministers with President Donald Trump - but said he didn't sign a Bible that praised his "greatness." Source link

Trump Jesus vs. Trump Gotti

Who will win the Presidential Election this November? Trump Jesus? Or will Trump Gotti be thrown out giving Presidency to Paster Mike Pence Source link

Report: Catholic Church Has Paid Out Billions in Clergy Abuse Settlements

A report by NPR reveals that the Catholic church has paid out billions in clergy abuse settlements over the years: Clergy sex abuse of children has rocked the Catholic Church not only in terms of trust and reputation, but...

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Leftists Push To ‘Cancel’ Wendy’s After Discovering Major Franchisee Is Trump Donor

A fast-food chain is receiving backlash on social media after it was reported that its franchise CEO had donated to President Donald Trump’s re-election...

GOP Lawmakers Craft Plan to Battle China in Emerging Tech

The United States is falling behind China when it comes to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing, according to Rep. Cathy...

Six cops go nuts in Atlanta, fired in 24 hours, all under arrest – Veterans Today

Charges filed against 6 APD officers after college students tased, pulled from car during Atlanta protests no drugs and no gun were found in...

The Media’s Riot Defenders

As Jews were beaten and killed in the 1991 Crown Heights riots, New York Times columnist and erstwhile executive editor A.M. Rosenthal penned a thundering...