Monday, June 1, 2020


Suspect in ritualistic 1974 California church murder apparently kills himself

Northern California authorities said that Steve Blake Crawford, a suspect in Arlis Perry's ritualistic church murder, apparently killed himself when detectives with a search warrant knocked on his door. Source link

Woman says Mormon church failed to report dad's sexual abuse

A woman who claims in a lawsuit that her father sexually abused her as a child said Thursday that Mormon church leaders allowed the sexual assault to continue by failing to report it to police. Source link

The Church of Animal Rights

NEW YORK — As I exit the church this Sunday, I leave behind the day of rest to enter the new evangelism. It presents itself in the form of a "protest crawl"—a pilgrimage picketing six different McDonald's locations in Midtown...

The Triumph of Christianity

A historian specializing in Christianity explains how and why Christianity spread in the face of persecution, paganism, and impoverishment. Source link

Christian Canadian Law School Denied Accreditation Because of Its Belief in Traditional Marriage

The Supreme Court in Canada has ruled that a Canadian evangelical Christian university can be denied accreditation for its law school simply because it supports traditional marriage. Source link

Suit dismissed over faulty gun check before church shooting

A judge dismissed a lawsuit against the FBI for a faulty background check that allowed Dylann Roof to buy the gun he used to kill nine people in a racist attack at a South Carolina church. Source link

Should Something Separate Church and State?

Religious tests for public office were once common. The Constitution of 1787 prohibits them, but are they making a comeback? Source link

People Are Killing Themselves Because We’re Killing Christianity

Suicide: Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, both of whom recently killed themselves, are part of a wider trend, with suicide having increased almost 30 percent since 1999. In fact, in 2016 alone 45,000 Americans took their own lives, a...

Arizona Court Orders Christian Store Owners to Make Wedding Invitations for Homosexual Couples

The Arizona Court of Appeals issued a decision forbidding Christian store owners from refusing to make wedding invitations for gay couples. Source link

Rainbow Mafia to Christians: ‘Shut Up’

Two episodes of gross intolerance illustrate the real agenda of "Pride Month." Source link

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As Trump Confronts Censorship, Big Tech Targets The New American

The New American magazine is one of many outlets that have come under relentless assault by Facebook, Google, YouTube,...

St. John's Church Near White House Set on Fire

The historic St. John's church in Lafayette Square could be seen burning on live television Sunday night as protestors clashed with police near the...

Breaking: US and Russia Cooperating Again in Syria as Americans Begin Withdrawal from Oil (Exclusive) – Veterans Today

VT Damascus: With American acceptance, Moscow expanded its reach toward the Hasaka oil fields.The Russian side expanded its military presence in the province of...

Video: WHO’s Sneaky Ties to China’s Most Powerful Communists

Unbeknownst to many, Xi Jinping's wife is a WHO Goodwill Ambassador. Read more

Protesters Terrorized by the Tanks, by the National Guard, Militarized Police

Watch as Minneapolis area representative Ilhan Omar ludicrously claims that rioters were terrorized by tanks, by the national guard, and by militarized police: So apparently...