Saturday, July 11, 2020

Global Warming

Biden-Sanders “Unity Task Force” Reveals Radical Freedom-killing Climate Agenda

The “Unity Task Force” convened by Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders released their recommendations for action on the so-called climate crisis. Read more

Serial Plagiarist Joe Biden Cribs Economic Slogan From United Nations

Former vice president Joe Biden, whose first failed presidential run was marred by allegations of plagiarism, is adopting an economic slogan the United Nations used in April. Biden will unveil his $700 billion economic recovery plan, titled "Build Back Better,"...

Perdue Attacks Ossoff as Threat to American Dream

Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.) called Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff a threat to the American dream in his first televised campaign ad of the 2020 election cycle. "Contrary to what the radical left is saying, America has been and still...

Open Letter Endorsing Free Speech Sparks Civil War at Vox

Vox editor and cofounder Matthew Yglesias is drawing public backlash from colleagues after signing an open letter endorsing free speech and pushing back against the "stifling atmosphere" in some corners of the media. Vox critic at large Emily VanDerWerff tweeted...

Progressive Firm Linked to AOC, Shaun King Took Hundreds of Thousands in PPP Cash

A progressive political consulting firm that receives large payments from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D., N.Y.) reelection campaign and activist Shaun King's PAC raked in hundreds of thousands in taxpayer money meant to help small businesses. New data show that between...

Global warming over past 150 years has wiped out 6,500 years of cooling, study says

A new study noted that global warming linked to human activity has wiped out the previous 6,500 years of natural global cooling. Read more

Blackface Aficionado Justin Trudeau DESTROYED By Adorable Schoolgirl

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is still struggling to contain the scandal that erupted after he admitted to wearing blackface and brownface costumes on multiple occasions in the past. Trudeau's response to the inevitable scrutiny from the media has been...

Democrats' New "Environmental Justice" Plan Mixes Climate With BLM

Democrats' new blueprint for enacting sweeping climate-change policy is the Green New Deal, in a social-justice skinsuit.  Read more

Forbes Scrubs Climate Activist’s Apology Essay from Website

A long-time global climate change alarmist has repented, but his attempt at an apology was dropped off the Forbes website. Read more

Finally, An Obama Legacy Worth Celebrating

Another terrorist died in Syria this month on President Donald J. Trump's order. Khaled al-Aruri, a journeyman jihadist and de facto leader of a local al Qaeda affiliate, was killed in a U.S. special operations drone strike on June 14. The...

Latest News

British Government Must Protect Young Girls from Barbarity of Islam – Veterans Today

KARAMOJA, UGANDA - 2018/02/01: Girls sit in the yard at Kalas Girls Primary School, Amudat District, Karamoja, Uganda. They...

In South Africa, coronavirus surges as oxygen supplies run low in epicenter

South Africa is seeing a surge of coronavirus cases, largely hitting the Gauteng province, home to the capital of Johannesburg, where hospitals are reaching...

Roger Stone Is Now a "Free Man" After Trump Commutes Prison Sentence

Stone will no longer have to report to prison after the White House suddenly announced that the president decided to commute his sentence. Source link...

Detroit police release video of man firing at cops before officers fatally shoot him

Newly released body and dash-camera footage by Detroit police in a deadly officer-involved shooting shows the suspect fired at police first before officers fatally shot...

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