Friday, August 12, 2022

Chicago Police Announce Stunning New Policy, Will No Longer Pursue Suspects Except Under Certain Circumstances

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Despite a huge increase in crime in the once lovely City of Chicago the Chicago Police Department announced that officers will no longer chase suspects on foot, except in certain specific cases.

Via the Daily Mail:

The department announced the new policy at a Tuesday press conference and said it will go into effect after ‘every officer is trained,’ Superintendent David Brown said.

‘There’s a few clarifications that officers need to be aware before we hold them accountable,’ Brown said on Tuesday.

Although he did not go into specifics of what officers needed clarification on, Brown emphasized that the new policy made it ‘safer’ for his cops and ‘enhances law enforcement to do their job.’

The superintendent emphasized that 25 officers have already been shot or shot at this year, and the new foot pursuit policy would help eliminate potentially dangerous physical interactions with law enforcement and suspects, especially armed assailants.

The new policy outlines the limited times when a foot pursuit is permissible as long as it outweighs the potential harms to an officer or risks public safety.

One of the instances includes when a suspect is ‘committing a felony, Class A misdemeanor, [or a] traffic offense that endangers the physical risks of others’ or if criminals have or are about to commit an ‘arrest-able offense.’

Officers will be permitted to pursue suspects who are engaging or about to engage in: battery, assault, unlawful use of weapons, and criminal residence trespassing, among others.

However, police must refrain from foot pursuits in case of: public drinking, land trespassing, and simple assault, the policy read.

This new policy will certainly make it safer for officers since they don’t have to risk their lives pursuing suspects but it will now be far, far more dangerous for people living in and visiting Chicago.

This is a sad day for one of the nation’s premier law enforcement agencies.

Criminals in the Windy City are already emboldened and this will serve to make it even worse.

This is what happens when Democrats run things for generations. The last Republican mayor of Chicago, William Hale Thompson, left office in 1931.

Hopefully the explosion in crime this new policy will likely usher in will be enough to finally bring Chicagoans to their senses and once and for all throw the leftists out of office.

In the video below a Chicago Alderman explains why the police in his city are so demoralized and why crime there is exploding:

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