Saturday, July 24, 2021

Citing Pandemic Concerns, US Judge Releases 250 Convicted Criminal Immigrants Into Your Neighborhood

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Here’s a tip for any illegal immigrants reading this who have criminal histories and are likely to commit more crimes in the near future — do it in the state of California. Why? Because chances are exceedingly good that you’ll spend a few days in a detainment facility before being released back into the public due to the “dangers” of COVID-19.

As Fox News reported, that’s exactly what happened this week in the socialist paradise of California where the safety of convicted criminals seems to consistently outweigh the safety of the law-abiding public. A U.S. judge ordered the release of 250 illegal immigrants from a detention facility in Southern California due to concerns over the pandemic.

In his order to release the immigrants, U.S. Judge Terry Hatter argued that the “case involves human lives whose reasonable safety is entitled to be enforced and protected by the court pursuant to the United States Constitution.”

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement fought against the order but didn’t prevail, even after requesting that the detainees be transferred to other facilities in the state, which would have been a reasonable compromise.

But not in California — releasing criminals back into the wild to commit more crimes is the new normal.

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ICE officials slammed the judge, calling the order to release the immigrants an overreach while warning the general public that they could be in danger. He also slammed progressive politicians who falsely state that those being released aren’t dangers to society.

“While opponents who continuously seek to discredit the agency might otherwise mislead the public to believe that those in detention pose no risk to public safety, nothing could be further from the truth,” ICE’s Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Director Tony H. Pham said.

“ICE has complied with this overreaching court order; however, the public should know that the ruling undoubtedly places them at greater risk,” he added.

Pham wasn’t exaggerating whatsoever. The 250 immigrants who were released have criminal histories with charges such as assault with a deadly weapon, driving under the influence, “lewd/lascivious acts with a child,” child cruelty, illegal re-entry after removal and many more.

Do you think criminals should be released from prison over COVID-19?

Those aren’t exactly the types of people I would want in anyone’s neighborhood.

It’s pretty clear at this point that ultra-progressive Democrats, like those who run states such as California and New York, are using the COVID-19 pandemic to fulfill their ultimate goal of letting out as many criminals from jail or prison as possible.

Those same people don’t seem to give a rip about public safety. If you’ve read even a minimal amount of news over the past year, you’ve already seen countless incidents of early-released prisoners committing new — and sometimes deadly — crimes after being sent back into society.

This madness needs to stop, but unfortunately, in states like California where Democrats have free reign to act out their most progressive fantasies, it doesn’t appear that there’s much we can do at this point.


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