CNN’s Jeff Zucker Says Fox News Is ‘State-Run TV’

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CNN President Jeff Zucker blasted competitor network Fox News on Thursday, saying at an industry conference that it’s become “state-run TV,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“[Fox News] is really state-run TV,” he said. “It is a pure propaganda machine and I think does incredible disservice to this country.”

Zucker said that the network has drastically changed since the departure of its late founder, Roger Ailes.

“There are a handful of good journalists there, but I think they are lost in what is a complete propaganda machine,” he said, adding that Fox News “has nothing on” Russia’s state-run news agency.

“The idea that it’s a news channel, I think, is really not the case at all.”

Zucker went on to say that CNN has “had a very good run,” in its 38 years in operation. “We made CNN very much relevant again, very much a part of the national and international conversation.”

He also criticized President Donald Trump, who Zucker says “has created an atmosphere in this country that has resonated around the world in a very unhealthy way that has whipped up anti-media sentiment that is dangerous and frankly harmful and potentially incredibly dangerous. He doesn’t even understand the danger he’s causing to journalists and the danger he’s doing to media organizations.”

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