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Communist Chinese Organ Harvesting Draws Global Condemnation

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Despite official denials, the Communist Chinese regime’s barbaric organ-harvesting program is drawing renewed attention and condemnation from Missouri and Georgia to Canada, Japan, Australia, and everywhere in between. Numerous legislatures around the world have taken testimony and even approved official condemnations of the practice, which often involves murdering prisoners of conscience jailed for their beliefs. But with the mass-murdering dictatorship in China trying to whitewash the atrocities involved in its multi-billion-dollar organ-trade business, activists and lawmakers say humanity must turn up the pressure.

The horrific Communist Chinese practice of stealing organs from prisoners and even religious or political dissidents has been well documented, and global awareness is growing. And so the regime has launched a campaign to mislead the world, claiming that it no longer steals organs from prisoners. At a Vatican conference on organ trafficking earlier this year, Communist Chinese “health” officials, whose mere presence stirred controversy worldwide, even pretended that the regime in Beijing was working to combat the illegal organ trade. But numerous experts and investigators, even from left-wing groups such as Amnesty International, suggested that the regime continues to murder people and plunder their organs with impunity.

Leading experts on the subject estimate that there are at least 60,000 organ transplants in China each year — meaning some 150 people are murdered every day. The regime acknowledges only about 10,000, with no official explanation for the discrepancy. Campaigners are hoping that further exposure and more international pressure could help save the lives of Chinese dissidents — Falun Gong practitioners, persecuted Christians, Uighur Muslims, and others — many of whom are languishing in communist prison camps just waiting to be executed so their organs can be harvested. The industry brings organ “tourists” from around the world to China, where organs can be procured cheaply and in a very short time period. Communist Party members also benefit.  

But in recent years, and especially in 2018, international attention and scrutiny of the grotesque practice has been growing worldwide. In a resolution approved unanimously by the Missouri Senate late last month, for example, lawmakers called on the regime in Beijing to stop murdering prisoners of conscience to steal their body organs. Resolution 28, as the measure is known, cites “extensive and credible reports” documenting the “mass killing of prisoners of conscience in the People’s Republic of China.” Religious and ethnic minorities are among those targeted for forced organ harvesting, the measure said. The Senate measure follows a similar resolution approved last year by the Missouri House of Representatives.

In mid-March, meanwhile, lawmakers in Georgia also unanimously approved a resolution opposing the regime’s organ-harvesting schemes. Among other strong language, Resolution 944 condemns “mass killings of Uyghurs, Tibetans, select Christians, and practitioners of Falun Gong in order to obtain organs for transplants.” The measure calls on China’s mass-murdering rulers to immediately stop harvesting organs from prisoners — and especially from the targeted minorities that the regime hopes to eliminate. In addition, the resolution argues that no nation should allow its citizens to travel to China for organ transplants unless and until the regime-controlled “industry” there is fully transparent.   

The month before that, lawmakers in Arizona passed a measure urging the U.S. Congress to investigate Chinese organ harvesting, prohibit U.S. citizens from traveling abroad to receive organs stolen from murder victims, and ban Chinese doctors involved in the savagery from entering the United States. The measure also calls on the medical community in Arizona to “caution patients against traveling to China for organs and strive to raise awareness among health care providers, students, patients and the public of the unethical organ transplant practices.”

Even city governments in the United States have passed resolutions to condemn the barbarism. On March 13, the City Council of Hawaiian Gardens, California, approved a proclamation by the mayor standing in solidarity with the Falun Gong and other victims of the Chinese regime’s atrocities. The proclamation also said the city condemns “the practices of forced and non-consenting organ harvesting.”

At the national level, there has also been action. In 2016, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution harshly critical of the regime’s forced harvesting of organs from “large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners and members of other religious and ethnic minority groups.” The measure also points out that even though the brutal dictatorship continues to “deny reports that many organs are taken without the consent of prisoners,” at the same time, it “prevents independent verification of its transplant system.” Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), the leading force behind the bill, derided the regime’s mass-murder program as “a sickening and unethical practice [that] must stop.” Another cosponsor, Representative Chris Smith (R-N.J.), said Beijing’s “campaign to eradicate Falun Gong” will go down in history as “one of the great horrors.”

Outside of the United States, the atrocities perpetrated by Beijing are also being scrutinized. Earlier this year, lawmakers in Japan took up the issue. In fact, the national parliament, known as the Diet, hosted some of the world’s leading campaigners fighting to stop the savagery. Forced organ harvesting is “an issue of international human rights that everyone ought to be concerned about,” said Minoru Kiuchi, a member of the Japanese Diet’s House of Representatives. “Beginning with Japanese people with good conscience, we need to work with those who share the same values, stand up together and stop this from happening.”

In Canada, a Senate Committee hearing last month considering legislation to combat illegal organ trafficking heard testimony from some of the leading experts on the Chinese regime’s practices. One of those testifying was David Kilgour, a former Canadian lawmaker and minister of state for the Asia-Pacific who has been working on this issue for years. An updated investigation he and other experts conducted last year found that at least 60,000 transplants are happening in China each year. “If you do the arithmetic, that means that about 150 people daily in China are being killed for their organs,” he told Canadian lawmakers. “And there are no survivors in these operations.”

In comments made earlier this year, Kilgour also ridiculed Chinese denials. “The Communist Party is engaged actively in whitewashing, seeking to wash its hands of the blood of innocents by attempting to dupe innocents abroad,” he explained, adding that Beijing’s denial of involvement in forced organ harvesting must be evaluated against “a backdrop of terrible duplicity, lies, and deception on the part of the government.” “Beijing has no credible answers to the work of independent researchers who have demonstrated the mass killings of innocents,” added Kilgour, who co-authored a book on the subject entitled Bloody Harvest and has been traveling the globe raising awareness.

During an investigation by this magazine into Communist Chinese espionage against the United States, Kilgour also warned that the regime had global ambitions. “There’s absolutely no doubt that their long term goal is world domination and to put the United States — as much as they can — out of business, and to become the world’s superpower,” he said. “They want to run the whole planet.”

In Australia, awareness and action on the issue of Chinese organ harvesting has surged, too. Last month, the provincial Parliament for New South Wales took a major step in cracking down on the illegal organ trade centered around China. Among other elements, a bill there would apply steep criminal penalties to anyone traveling to China or other countries to receive stolen organs. Lawmakers are treating it as a serious issue.   

Separately, prominent Canadian-Chinese actress Anastasia Lin testified this month before a committee for the national Australian Parliament, too. “Transplant abuse in China is a deeply ingrained systematic state-sanctioned crime,” she told lawmakers. “Western democratic nations have the ability and the duty to intervene. Legislation can be used to protect local citizens and no doubt to be a deterrent to discourage a country’s citizens from being a part of this abuse.” She also spoke out against a ghoulish “art” display of the bodies of dead Chinese people being “exhibited” in Australia right now.   

As The New American reported in 2013 from Jerusalem, Israeli lawmakers were among the first to tackle the organ-harvesting programs by Beijing. In an interview with this magazie at his Knesset office before the summit, then-Deputy Speaker Moshe Feiglin, a member of the ruling Likud party at that time, said that what has been going on in China is a tragedy. Chinese authorities, he warned, were literally cutting body organs out of dissidents and selling them to wealthy customers. As the state of the Jews, Israel has a special moral responsibility for upholding the cause of human rights around the world, including exposing ongoing atrocities in Communist China, he said, adding that no amount of pressure would stop him.

Public awareness has been growing, too. In March, more than 125,000 people tuned into a Facebook Live screening of the documentary “Hard To Believe,” exposing the forced-organ harvesting. In South Korea, a major documentary exposing the horrors — including shocking undercover footage from a Chinese hospital — outraged the Korean public and made headlines around the world earlier this year.

Campaigners say it is important to counter the regime’s lies and to ensure independent investigations. “China has embarked on a charm offensive to try to make the forced organ harvesting issue go away,” explained Chris Wright, founder of the U.S.-based Anticommunism Action Team that works to discredit and counter communism and has made the organ-harvesting issue a priority. “People I know are working very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. Economic sanctions should be imposed on China, and their media operations in the U.S. curtailed, until China allows an independent investigation into the matter. It’s really quite appalling to be killing people for their organs. It’s like the Nazis pulling the gold out of the teeth of the Jews they sent to the gas chamber.”

The regime enslaving mainland China has murdered more people than any other government in human history. Using forced abortions, executions of dissidents, and even organ harvesting, it continues to slaughter innocent people in massive numbers. And yet, today, the communist regime’s agents are running a vast array of international organizations, including key United Nations agencies and even Interpol, the self-styled global law-enforcement outfit. Considering the horrific crimes perpetrated by the regime, and its growing lust for global power and what it touts as a Beijing-led “New World Order,” it is absolutely essential that civilized governments take a stand. The alternative, if China’s barbarous rulers get their way, will be global savagery on an unimaginable scale.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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