Democrats Hypocrisy on Bloomberg’s ‘Hateful’ Remarks Brutally Exposed With a Single Cartoon

Will Donald Trump Win the 2020 Election?


Thanks to “oppo research” on Michael Bloomberg by the Bernie Sanders team and the RNC most people by now know that the billionaire has publicly made remarks that would have killed the candidacy of anyone else in their party.

He’s offended trans people, black people, latinos, women and more.

His debate performance was lackluster and he stands for all of the things the Bernie side of the party hates.

So why is he the savior of the party, at least to the establishment wing of the Democrat party?

Here in one savage cartoon is what we believe to be the answer:

Bingo! Cash and lots of cash.

Bloomberg has been spreading his money around to left wing causes and politicians for years but that has accelerated quite dramatically as of late.

Instead of begging for money like the other candidates he’s got an almost unlimited supply of cash to not only fund his campaign but the campaigns of many others.

Will Bloomberg run as an independent if he loses the nomination?

He can spend more than Team Trump and Team Clinton spent combined in 2016 and it would barely dent his net worth.

That is one of the things that makes him dangerous and despicable at the same time.

Bloomberg: Black and Latino Men ‘Don’t Know How to Behave in the Workplace’

First we learn Bloomberg thinks farmers are ignorant compared to tech workers, then we learn he thinks the elderly should not have full access to health care to save money, now we learn he thinks Black and Latino workers don’t know how to behave in the workplace.

Here’s a partial transcript via the New York Post:

“There’s this enormous cohort of black and Latino males aged, let’s say, 16 to 25 that don’t have jobs, don’t have any prospects, don’t know how to find jobs, don’t know that the — what their skill sets are, don’t know how to behave in the workplace, where they have to work collaboratively and collectively,” the billionaire said in the 2011 interview with PBS Newshour. …

During the interview, the billionaire ex-mayor discussed why minorities needed the assistance.

“Blacks and Latinos score terribly in school testing compared to whites and Asians. If you look at our jails, it’s predominantly minorities. If you look at where crime takes place, it’s in minority neighborhoods. If you look at who the victims and the perpetrators are, it’s virtually all minorities,” Bloomberg continued.

“A lot of these kids, it isn’t that they’re bad kids. It’s that once they made a mistake, it’s very difficult to recover from that. But we have an obligation to them, if not for compassionate reasons, just for selfish reasons.”

I may be mistaken but Michael Bloomberg seems like the exact opposite of what the Democratic Party seems to value.

He’s a billionaire which the Bernie wing of the party despises, he’s made disparaging remarks about women and minorities, and he wants to institute death panels for the elderly.

My guess is Michael Bloomberg will NOT be the Democrat party’s 2020 nominee.

That said he’s hired staff through November and he’s got a lot of cash, so if he loses the Democrats nomination he’ll run as a third party candidate.

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