Friday, July 1, 2022

Dems Scream for Gun Control After Senseless Tragedies Over Weekend

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On Saturday, May 14, Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, New York, allegedly walked into a Tops Friendly Market in a neighborhood of Buffalo, New York shot and killed ten people and wounded three others. The neighborhood is predominantly black and it has become crystal clear that the murders were racially motivated.

The mainstream media immediately jumped onto the narrative that Gendron was a Tucker Carlson, Fox News, conservative, white supremacist. While he is certainly a white supremacist, the rest of the narrative is “fake news,” blown up by the shooter’s own 180 page manifesto revealing he is a self-proclaimed atheist who denounced conservatism, Christianity and Fox News.

Since the Dems lost that talking point they immediately jumped to their favorite talking point anytime there is a shooting, gun control laws.

This time they are marginalizing people’s empathy and well wishes for the affected families and community in an attempt to shame them into believing gun control is the only way to solve gun violence committed by mentally unstable people.

In an interview on MSNBC Reports, Chuck Rosenberg tells host Katy Tur, “Once again, we’re sending thoughts and prayers to these people in Buffalo who’ve lost loved ones, who’ve suffered grievous injuries, thoughts and prayers aren’t going to do it.”

“We have to change the laws,” Rosenberg said.

Apparently he is not concerned with who makes the laws as just so long as they are made. “You had a senator on earlier who talked about changing laws if the people of this country are fed up enough to elect anybody, Republicans, Democrats, I don’t really care who will pass sensible gun laws,” he said.

In true liberal fashion, Rosenberg went on to blame gun access rather than the shooter himself.

“There’s no reason why racist homicidal maniacs ought to have access to automatic weapons and — and large magazines, and — and tactical gear which obviously helped him at least briefly, in this massacre,” Rosenberg said.

It is incredible that during this same interview, Rosenberg alleged that the Feds are “going to have a very hard time keeping up” with the violence. Speaking to the relatively small size of federal law enforcement, Rosenberg outlines why they can’t keep up.

“Remember, the Feds are only a very small percentage of law enforcement in the country,” he said. “An example. The FBI has about 13,000 men and women who are special agents, who carry guns and badges. That makes them about 1/3 the size of just the New York City Police Department.”

He went on to say, “keeping up is a — is an enormous task. It’s an impossible task.”

If the federal government cannot enforce the existing laws, what makes anyone think they will be able to enforce additional laws?

The shooting was horrific but at the end of they day it is not the gun but the shooter who is responsible. No gun law would have stopped what happened.

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