Saturday, April 10, 2021

Donald Trump Reported To Be Moving On From Mike Pence As 2024 VP Running Mate

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President Trump will likely pass on former Vice President Mike Pence for his running mate in 2024, reports a Bloomberg exclusive. The report states, “Donald Trump is telling allies he’s strongly considering another run for president in 2024 — and close advisers want him to choose someone other than former Vice President Mike Pence for his ticket, according to people familiar with the discussions.”

The American people do not want Pence anywhere near the White House. It’s something Republicans and Democrats agree on, even if for polar opposite reasons.

For some Republicans, Pence rejected Americans’ pleas to help right the ship. Pence showed he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to fight the hard and necessary battles our republic requires of every generation. This “experiment” isn’t designed to be controlled by people like Pence; it needs a constant, firm hand fighting off any attempt at making it weaker.

It would be a mistake to allow the backstabber back within stabbing distance.

The report says that Governor Noem is benefiting from a fundraising event thrown by Donald Trump Jr., and Trump’s backing of Tim Scott should be taken as indicators that President Trump is leaning toward a woman or a black American as his running mate.

From Bloomberg: “Trump’s adviser have discussed identifying a black or female running mate for his next run, and three of the people familiar with the matter said Pence likely won’t be on the ticket.”

I can’t think of a more insulting reason to be picked as Vice President than to be picked based on my sex or skin color. This isn’t how we do it in the Republican party. If you want to partake in identity politics, join the Democrats, they are obsessed with it.

If Donald Trump could win with a wet paper bag attached to the ticket, he can win with anyone. Let’s show how refusing to make race and gender the only employee requirement allows Republicans to put the best in the role instead of the person that fits the social justice narrative.

Although I hardly believe that Gov. Noem could be considered a “place holder.” She is the real deal when referencing leaders that protect our freedoms. She allowed her state to take ownership of their health and make the decision whether to wear a mask or shut down their business.

Also, after January 6, when all the rest of the feckless leadership inside the Republican party chose to blame Donald Trump, Gov. Noem stood up against the narrative and explained that President Trump was “overwhelmingly” good for South Dakota. South Dakota’s governor said, “What I want to do is look forward and make sure that we continue to have fair and transparent elections that people can trust.”

President Trump’s close adviser Jason Miller told Bloomberg that “no such conversations are happening’ about picking someone other than Pence if he runs again, and that the former president “hasn’t made any decisions regarding a potential 2024 run.’”

The President all but said he was running again in 2024 and populist Republicans like myself are all for it. Trump is responsible for the great awakening in America and specifically inside the Republican Party. He is the only option moving forward.