In this video, Dr. Duke Pesta interviews Daniel Natal, a TNA Contributor and host of “The Daniel Natal Show.” In the first part of the interview, the two discuss Rush Limbaugh’s death and legacy, including his role in creating the alternative media and bringing energy to the Republican Party. The two discuss how despite being hated by the Left, Limbaugh was a persuasive orator and had interesting perspectives on many issues, maintaining a large audience despite going against many talk radio norms. Duke and Daniel then compare present-day America to the Roman Republic in its transition to becoming an empire. In the second part of the interview, the two discuss leftist hypocrisy regarding Communist China. Duke notes Biden’s statements at a recent townhall in which he defended China’s genocidal acts. Both Duke and Daniel discuss how the Left frequently attacks Nazi Germany, falsely portraying the regime as “right-wing,” while ignoring Communist regimes like China that murdered even more people. Similarly, Duke and Daniel discuss how corporations and universities frequently denounce America for supposed “racism” and “white supremacy” despite pandering to the same Communist Chinese regime responsible for unparalleled genocidal acts.