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Egg on Face Over Fake Joe Rogan Story, But Media Continue Jihad Against Ivermectin

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The Fake News industrial complex went into overdrive last week sneering and guffawing at podcast star Joe Rogan for announcing that he had successfully treated his COVID-19 infection with a cocktail of vitamins and drugs that included ivermectin, which pundits deride as a “horse-dewormer.”

CNN, Newsweek, Huffington Post, MSNBC, Rolling Stone, Yahoo!, MSN, Politico, The Guardian, and the rest of the left-wing media herd rushed to denounce-Rogan as an “idiot” (and worse). Newsweek ran with this headline: “’Joe Rogan is an Idiot’: Podcast Star’s Use of Ivermectin to Treat COVID Condemned.”

A headline for the ultra-left-wing organization Media Matters warned that “Joe Rogan has recently promoted dangerous COVID-19 misinformation on his Spotify podcast.”

ESPN’s Stephen A. Miller, sitting in for ABC comedian Jimmy Kimmel, read an official tweet from the Food and Drug Administration aimed at ivermectin users, which stated: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

“This is a real tweet from the FDA,” Smith told the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience. “I gotta admit this: They are absolutely right. You are not a horse. You are not a cow. You’re a jackass, though, make no mistake about that.”

However, it wasn’t enough merely to satirize Joe Rogan and others — including renowned physicians and scientists — who are using ivermectin to treat COVID-19. The media fearmongers had to ratchet up public anxiety levels with bogus stories about ivermectin poison cases flooding hospitals with overdose patients, to the point that a physician in Oklahoma reportedly claimed there was not even room in the hospital ERs for gunshot victims!

Rachel Maddow at MSNBC tweeted to her LGBTQ+++ audience: “Patients overdosing on ivermectin backing up rural Oklahoma hospitals, ambulances”

As we reported on September 5, the widely repeated Oklahoma hospital overflow story turned out to be bunk. It was a pile of horse-pucky hype and fabrication aimed at demonizing ivermectin, the doctors who prescribe it, and the people who use it.

CNN Fact-checker Admits Fault (Sort of)

On September 7, CNN tried to recover a modicum of credibility with a commentary by its “Facts First” reporter Daniel Dale titled “Fact-checking the misinformation about Oklahoma hospitals and Ivermectin.”

“A story went viral last week about Oklahoma hospitals and ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug some Americans are taking to treat Covid-19 even though it is not approved or proven for that purpose,” Dale said.

“It was a poor piece of journalism — inadequate in its reporting, inaccurate in its depiction of what was happening in Oklahoma,” he admitted. “The story, which was first published by a local news outlet, baselessly suggested that overdoses among people taking ivermectin to fight Covid-19 were a primary factor in filling up hospitals in the state.”

Continuing, Dale noted, “There was no evidence for this — and the story didn’t even demonstrate that its one and only named source had claimed it was true. But the flawed story was widely shared anyway, aggregated by big media outlets and amplified on social media by liberals eager to demonstrate that right-wingers had gone off the deep end in their growing fondness for ivermectin.”

Yes, there are indeed lots of media lefties “eager to demonstrate that right-wingers had gone off the deep end” over ivermectin. Nothing much new there — except that the public embarrassment over being called out on an obviously fake news story had forced a tepid walk-back by CNN. However, it was no full-throated mea culpa. In fact, Dale took the opportunity to segue from lightly chastising his fellow media leftists to attacking “conservative Twitter users who called the Oklahoma physician, one Dr. McElyea, a liar over the quotes attributed to him about ivermectin being responsible for a hospital overload crisis. “Some of McElyea’s critics even left terrible reviews for him on medical websites,” he alleged. Dale apparently wants us to believe that there is an equivalency between a few anonymous individuals tweeting insults at a doctor and the super-spreading of disinformation by a whole passel of major news organizations with huge budgets and full-time staffs of reporters and fact checkers.

Jihad Against Ivermectin Rages On

Of course, no one actually expects the media herd to undergo serious self-reflection and reform after being exposed like this. Did they repent and reform after the exposure of their “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax, their Jussie Smollet fake hate-crime charade, their lynching of Nick Sandmann and the pro-life Covington Catholic High School boys? We know the answer to that. They’re still covered in doodoo from these and countless other massive deceptions, but they obstinately refuse to clean up.

Although some media outlets have taken down their earlier stories featuring Dr. McElyea and the bogus reports about ivermectin overdoses overwhelming Oklahoma hospitals, many others have left their stories up on the Internet thoroughfare to continue spreading fear and disinformation.

Rachel Maddow refuses to take down her ivermectin disinfo tweet. No surprise there.

Some outlets have made “corrections” — but, as usual, they are tiny notes tucked away where no one is likely to see them, in stark contrast to the disinformation in the sensational headline stories that they supposedly correct.

Case in point: An Associate Press story of August 23 (just prior to the spate of Joe Rogan stories) claimed that 70 percent of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were from people who had ingested ivermectin to try to treat COVID-19. Actually, it was two percent, not 70 percent, AP admitted (with no apology or explanation) in a barely noticeable “correction” two days later. Hmm, 70 percent vs. two percent — not a small error, right? Of course the original AP story — which was picked up by many other “news” organizations — would have lost virtually all of its fright value if AP had correctly used the two-percent figure. And even that would have melted into a nothingburger if the two percent had been placed in context. Two percent of how many calls? 100? 200? 300? The story doesn’t say. But even if the total number of “recent” calls were 500, that would mean calls regarding ivermectin would only account for 10 calls. Not exactly earthshaking, headline “news.” Moreover, those are merely “calls,” not necessarily actual poison cases. Jimmy Jones or Sally Smith may have been taking ivermectin with no problems, but simply may have gotten frightened by the media onslaught and called Poison Control out of unfounded panic to find out if they were in any danger.

SFGate, the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle, was one of the media outfits that pumped the erroneous AP story. On August 25, it ran AP’s “correction” as a nine-line, hide-the-admission story titled “Correction: Virus Outbreak-Mississippi story.”

How many of SFGate’s readers who saw the original AP fright-peddling feature also saw the “correction”? Seventy percent? Two percent? Probably more like .02 percent. Thus are the media lies perpetuated.

Did social-media giants Twitter, YouTube, Google, or Facebook ban, deplatform, demonetize, or even ding AP for its COVID disinformation superspreader on ivermectin? Nope. AP is up and running on all of the above platforms, even though the TwitYouGoogFace censors are quick to drop the hammer on anyone who whispers a syllable of heresy that runs contrary to the COVID gospel of Saint Fauci.

In fact, AP’s egregious error (if error it was, and not outright lying) doesn’t seem to have affected even one whit the new collaborative relationship with AP that Twitter revealed just three weeks before AP’s “Mississippi Poison” booboo.

“We’re excited to share,” Twitter announced on August 2, “that Twitter is collaborating with The Associated Press (AP) and Reuters to expand our efforts to identify and elevate credible information on Twitter.”

The same announcement provides a link to Twitter’s “COVID-19 misleading information policy,” which states: “You may not use Twitter’s services to share false or misleading information about COVID-19 which may lead to harm.” It states further that “Content that is demonstrably false or misleading and may lead to significant risk of harm (such as increased exposure to the virus, or adverse effects on public health systems) may not be shared on Twitter.” 

Have SFGate or any of the many other outfits that ran with the false and misleading AP story suffered any repercussions from the repressive TwitYouGoogFace censors. Of course not.

Censoring Nobel Prize Winner and Ivermectin “Wonder Drug”

However, the censors at Google-owned YouTube have not hesitated to censor world-renowned scientist Professor Satoshi Omura for suggesting that ivermectin may be helpful in treating COVID patients. Who is Dr. Satoshi Omura? In addition to being a highly published biochemist/medical researcher/author, he is a winner of the Nobel Prize for his role in developing ivermectin.

Until COVID and the onset of Fauci madness, ivermectin was touted as a “wonder drug” that has saved millions of people — and many millions more animals — from various diseases. Indeed, Satoshi Omura and William C. Campbell were awarded a Nobel Prize in 2015 for their collaborative work in developing this medicine that has been safely prescribed for over 3.5 billion people over the past several decades. Yes, ivermectin is also very effective for treatment of pets and livestock for a variety of parasitic ailments, but it was primarily developed for humans, and that’s what Omura and Campbell received the Nobel Prize for.

Their official Nobel Prize citation from the Nobel Assembly states:

Ivermectin is highly effective against a range…

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