Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Emmy Griffin: Transgender Lawsuit: 20 States and Counting

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It has long been the rallying cry of the Biden platform that Grandpa Joe wants to “bring unity” to a country so deeply divided, especially on social issues. In a recent speech, he said much the same regarding unity: “The world is starting to realize what’s been missing of late. Not only do we have to look inward, we also need to look at each other and talk to each other, rebuild communities through empathy and acts of kindness and decency.”

If only his words ever matched his actions. One of his first executive orders was an “anti-discrimination” mandate based on sexual identity. This order tasked different government agencies with making “transgender” people more comfortable by ending so-called discrimination in schools, the workplace, and healthcare. This includes allowing biological males in women’s spaces and on women’s sports teams. This is one of the hotbed topics of the culture wars and is hardly unifying.

Under the auspices of the executive order, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Department of Education (DOE) have been using the Supreme Court case of Bostock v. Clayton County to justify their interference and acquiesce to Biden’s executive order. This Supreme Court decision outlines that employers cannot fire someone based on gender identity or sexual orientation. This all would be condemned as discrimination under Title VII. This case only talks about employment discrimination, yet the EEOC and DOE have used it as precedent to justify pushing the transgender agenda in women’s locker rooms and sports teams.

Aside from the obvious arguments mostly having to do with the erasure of women, or the medical differences between men and women, it’s also a dangerous sidestep of the legislature by the executive branch, which is far from unifying.

There is a solid reason for the Founding Fathers to have separated the powers of each branch of government — so that the branches wouldn’t overstep their bounds. Unfortunately, the legislative and judicial branches have done nothing to stop this gross overreach.

So it is the states that are fighting back. Last week, 20 states, led by Tennessee, joined a lawsuit to fight this executive order. They are suing the EEOC and DOE on the grounds that these agencies have exceeded their powers and changed laws. Congress is the branch of government that is allowed to introduce, vote on, and change laws, not the executive branch arm of the president.

Not only are the states standing up, but the American people are also taking a stand. Three thousand medical professionals are also suing the Biden administration as the executive order was applied to healthcare. The order doesn’t allow the physicians any grounds to object to performing sex-change surgeries. This is a violation of religion and medical judgement of the physicians involved.

If Biden was sincere in his bumbling and really wanted to talk, then he wouldn’t resort to authoritarian means to push an unpopular and misguided agenda. This is not empathy and kindness; this is tyranny, and it is high time someone stood up and fought.

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