Monday, June 27, 2022

Emmy Griffin: What Musk’s Twitter Move Means for Corporate America

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Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, has been making interesting moves regarding the social media giant Twitter. These bold decisions have Twitter executives and their woke underlings in a panic.

Musk, a self-proclaimed free speech absolutist, began talking about Twitter reform when the company banned The Babylon Bee for a social media post calling Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Rachel Levine a man (Levine is a gender dysphoric biological male who claims to be a woman).

Musk started directly challenging Twitter’s policies regarding free speech. He took to the social media site and asked the public if they thought Twitter adhered to the standards of free speech. Seventy percent of the two million voters said “No.” Musk slowly began buying up Twitter stock and revealed last week that he owns 9.2% of company shares. He was set to join Twitter’s board of directors when he changed course, deciding not to sit on the board.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Musk backed out of joining the board. Some theorize that the terms for joining the board — Musk’s ability to buy more shares in Twitter would have been capped at 14.9% — didn’t give him enough power to make pivotal changes. Others suggested that the board was so hostile to the changes that Musk intends to make that he would be fighting too much of an uphill battle. Bloom Institute of Technology CEO Austin Alfred predicts a hostile takeover: “Hostile takeover inbound. My read of this: (I’m guessing). 1. Twitter board wakes up to realize Elon owns 9% of the company. There’s a path to him taking over. 2. Offers a board seat contingent upon him not buying too many shares. Try to contain. 3. Negotiations break down on term details. 4. ???”

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal tried to put a positive spin on Musk’s decision not to join the board, saying: “I believe this is for the best. We have and will always value input from our shareholders whether they are on our Board or not. Elon is our biggest shareholder and we will remain open to his input.”

Musk’s decision to start buying Twitter is a bold and brilliant move that could prove to be the blueprint to righting the sinking ship that is major corporations enthralled to the leftist social justice agenda.

American companies have been manipulated from making money for their shareholders to appeasing the social justice warriors through the rise of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria.

ESGs are a form of social currency that ostensibly are a way for potential investors to vet companies that don’t align with their standards. I.e., a way for leftists in government to pull the puppet strings on corporations and force them to actions or proclamations that are against their best interest (see Disney) in order to keep money flowing from activist investors. It ignores shareholders and their voices completely. ESGs are akin to what the Chinese do not just in their business dealings but with their people as a whole.

Author and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy breaks down just how Musk, by putting his money on the line, is showing other non-woke CEOs and shareholders how to fight back against ESG wokeness. Ramaswamy says that Musk has “paved a path to show us the right way forward, which is actually exercising our voices as citizens, but also as shareholders in America.”

This scares leftists both in the boardrooms and in politics. Mainstream media is already facilitating a smear campaign against Musk in an attempt to discredit him and his ideas. Aside from Musk showing others a way to bring about change in commerce, his driving motivation is that of free speech.

Musk has a younger following that looks up to him because he is daring, brilliant, and quirky. Musk is an entrepreneur who embodies the American Dream. And if he is talking about free speech as an ideal worth upholding — a topic leftists would rather not have the younger generation fretting their heads about — it could wake up this generation that has been brainwashed and lied to about what it means to be an American.

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