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Galima Galiullina, Ph.D.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. – John Dahlberg-Acton, April 1887.

First published on VT, 21 October 2021

[ Editor’s note: Longer nights and shorter days give us a season of reflection. Many people want to know what is going on with American civilization, and part of the explanation is contained in Galima’s article. You can bookmark it, return to it and take it in over a couple sessions. Of particular interest was John Kerry’s congressional testimony about the experience of Nam and the aftermath of Nam, as he described the destructive idea of “fighting for nothing.” Perhaps what he wasn’t able to articuate as a younger man was that the US was in Nam to fight for the new world order’s chaos theory. And very little has changed in that regard. ]

Excerpt: The most dangerous destructive effect of… global imperial expansion is the idea of exclusivity by elites [leading to] the growing civic apathy of the masses. Ordinary people need a country, not a globe, to feel part of something great.

Students at most universities are deprived of the opportunity to study the history of their country… By the early 2000s, all fifty-five of the best colleges and universities rated by US News and World Report had abandoned their American history course. A direct consequence of the deconstruction of history is the erosion of the foundations of American patriotism and citizenship.

Joseph Borrell called the events in Afghanistan “a catastrophe that Western intelligence could not foresee.”  And what have Western intelligence services been doing in Afghanistan for 20 years? Most likely, they rested on the laurels of success, smoked opium or hashish and had fun writing horror stories about terrorist threats to the West from wild shepherds. Of course, there were reports that reflected the real situation in the occupied country, but in the process of passing up through the experts and specialists, they turned into a fine picture of correct policy, not bothering the main architects 8,000 miles from Afghanistan. The “black hole” eagerly devoured the streams of money, the lives of civilians, the hopes of Afghans for a peaceful life, but for 20 years the United States persevered in building democracy in the mountains and valleys of Afghanistan.

After the last American soldier left long-suffering Afghanistan, it is time to truly comprehend 20 years of war and the world after the war. So far, I see one main result: another myth about America’s existential enemy has dissipated.

Modern War as a War of Meanings

Samuel Huntington, at the end of the last century, foreshadowed those modern wars would be wars of civilizations, and Islamic civilization would become America’s most obvious enemy.

“Sometimes fault lines are struggles for control of a people. Much more often the struggle is for the possession of the territory. The goal of at least one of the parties to the conflict is the conquest of territory and its liberation from another people through exile or physical destruction, or both together, which constitutes “ethnic cleansing”. “

The clearest example of the reality of Huntington’s claim is Palestine. For Israel, it is just a land from which it is necessary to expel its indigenous population by any means.

The rift between Islam and the West has become a deep chasm over the past 20 years. Inspired by the ideas of democratic globalism, the West, having seized the territory of Afghanistan, set up a large-scale experiment on the Afghan people. It was necessary to make sure once again how seductive democracy and human rights in the Western interpretation are for the Muslim population of the country. Stubbornness in imposing liberal values was clearly manifested even in the last months of the colonial regime, when, instead of systematically preparing to leave the country, the US Embassy spent a month of LGBT pride. The experiment lasted 20 years and ended with the victory of the Afghan people.  None of those who inspired the West to start a war against Afghanistan apologized for the many sacrifices of innocent people and the transformation of an entire country into a drug laboratory.

It is extremely important to understand the importance of traditional consciousness for the preservation of civilization. Svetlana Lurie, a Russian anthropologist, explains that an ethnos can cognize the world through traditional consciousness. If an ethnic tradition is destroyed, then the ethnos ceases to understand what is happening to it, and it does not assimilate any new information.

Ethnicity loses itself in the surrounding space, in the past and present, and does not see the future. This tragedy manifests itself most vividly and in the most destructive form in the United States.

“Islam has bloody borders,” says Huntington, arguing that Muslims started the most military conflicts in the 20th century, especially in the 90s. Apparently Hitler was also a Muslim. This is how Huntington prepared the world for the great crusade of the West against Islam. At the same time, he operates with figures for the involvement of Muslims in conflicts. He does this deliberately fluently, without bothering to find out who attacked first – the Muslims or the other side of the conflict, and what caused the conflict.

Knowing the history of the two Chechen wars, and even knowing why and how they involved Chechnya in the war against Russia, I consider it absurd to explain the reasons for the war by the conflicting nature of Muslims and their natural bloodthirstiness. The use of the Islamic factor in inciting the peoples of Russia against their historical unity within the borders of the USSR and the Russian Federation would be a fairer explanation.

But the West did it and continues to do it now to destroy another civilizational enemy – Russia.

The Cold War is not over; it has even intensified in the last 14 years, starting in 2007 after Vladimir Putin’s Munich speech, where he first declared that “for the modern world, a unipolar model is not only unacceptable, but generally impossible. The model itself is inoperative since there is no and cannot be a moral and ethical base of modern civilization in its basis. “

An accurately diagnosed fatal illness did not help the patient, the empire rushed to the abyss with leaps and bounds.

Today we are witnessing a paralysis of power throughout the trans-Atlantic empire, for power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  At the same time, for some reason, the idea never arises that it is the constant search for the existential enemy of America and the bloody wars following the appointment of another country or an entire civilization as an enemy that can be the main reason for the destruction of the empire. The cold-blooded destruction of millions of civilians in other countries for the sake of mythical ideals of freedom and democracy, but in fact for the sake of unprecedented enrichment of a handful of villains could not but lead to disaster. Globalization has led to a tragic result: the monstrously enriched two-legged can only be satisfied with monstrous power.

Let’s notice a strange paradox: the United States constantly declares that Russia is the existential enemy of America, which translated into simple language means:

We have no place on Earth together! Some of us must leave this earth. And since we are the most exceptional nation, you [Russia] must leave.

Russian fairytale the Snow Queen

But the Russians have never called and do not consider America an existential enemy. Not in the days of the USSR, not now. Simply because they recognize the right of each nation to its own path and way of life.

Therefore, even in those days when insane plans for bombing with atomic bombs were being developed against the USSR and in accordance with these plans more than 100 million Soviet people were to be killed, children in Soviet schools never jumped under their desks to escape from an imaginary American bomb.

But American children from the 60s of the twentieth century remember how they lay under their desks, fleeing imaginary Soviet bombs. For some reason, the USSR is still considered an empire of evil, and Russia inherited this label. The Empire was killed, but the Evil remained. This is the opinion of a Western man in the street who has never been to Russia and has never read the 1935 book “Great Civilization” by Beatrice and Sidney Webb. Huntington only slightly loosened the ground for a real attack on Islam.

After the collapse of the USSR, it was necessary to find a new existential enemy so as not to drain the flow of money for military orders to corporations and at the same time continue to keep their inhabitants in check with fear.

Preparing a Big War against Islam

The beginning of the new millennium in the United States stirred up a thirst for creative comprehension of the possibilities that opened for the American empire in the absence of the main deterrent factor – the USSR. According to analysts, Russia had reached its death throes and it was possible to prepare for the funeral. But the most important thing is to find a new enemy. It would seem, why? The whole world is already in the absolute power of the western hegemon.

It’s time to think about what to do with this absolute power, so as not to ruin your country with absolute debauchery. But the hunting excitement was already kindling blood, and a new target was found.

Islam, the number of those professing this religion has reached one and a half billion. Considering that the main values in it are justice, knowledge, and moral purity, one can easily foresee how many people around the world will try to find a way out of despair and the stench of unbelief and cynicism of a corrupt society in Islam. In addition, the main centers of Islamic influence are so unfortunately plased in the rich oil fields.

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