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FBI Recovered No Guns From Jan. 6 Arrestees. Wray Falsely Says FBI Has No Evidence of Antifa There.

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A top FBI counterterrorism official told the Senate Homeland Security Committee yesterday that the agency did not recover guns from any of those arrested at the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6. The remarks of Jill Sanborn followed Tuesday’s testimony from FBI chieftain Christopher Wray, who falsely told the Senate Judiciary Committee that his agency had no evidence Antifa thugs were at the scene.

Sanborn’s admission answered a question from Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson, who landed in hot water recently when he said the riot did not appear to him to be an “armed insurrection.”

Wray’s testimony contradicts video evidence of Antifa supporter John Sullivan’s presence inside the Capitol that day under the guise of “journalist.” He egged on the mob that entered the building.

Sanborn — No Guns Recovered

Sanborn’s admission undermines the idea, promoted in the leftist media, that the riot was an “armed insurrection,” which obviously implies that multiple rioters carried guns and were prepared to use them on elected officials, who were inside the building preparing to validate President Joe Biden’s dubious victory.

“How many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds during that day?”  he asked.

Replied Sanborn:

To my knowledge, we have not recovered any on that day from any other arrests at the scene at this point.

Sanborn said she could not speak for other law-enforcement agencies, and admitted that the only shots fired that day came from the Capitol Hill cop who shot down Air Force veteran and Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

In mid-February, the leftist mainstream media collapsed in hysterics after Johnson observed that rioters did not carry firearms, and so the riot “didn’t seem like an armed insurrection.” 

Police arrested a man with a sidearm as he left the Capitol, and another who parked a truck near the Capitol that was loaded with weapons and ammunition.


Wray Was Wrong

But if Johnson was wrong, so was Wray, and Sullivan is proof. 

Indeed, he links the shooting of Babbitt to Wray’s testimony. A supporter of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Sullivan filmed the shooting. Even the leftist Politifact was forced to confess that he encouraged the rioters who entered the Capitol.

CNN and NBC paid the leftist $35,000 for his footage.

“I was only there to experience and witness what went down,” Sullivan claimed, and a sympathetic “documentary filmmaker working on a project about Sullivan and his brother” was there and agreed.

Yet “PolitiFact reviewed Sullivan’s video of the mob into the Capitol and Babbitt’s shooting,” the leftist outfit reported. “It doesn’t show Sullivan clearly engaged in the violence or leading the run up to the Capitol, although it does show him animated as he spoke with police and rioters from the frontlines.”

Continued Politifact:

At points in the video, Sullivan can be heard telling others he was only filming and discouraging violence. At other points, he appeared to encourage what was happening. As rioters scaled a wall outside, for example, he cheered them on. “We did this s—, together,” he said after the barricades came down. “This is f—— history. We’re all a part of this f—— history.”

“Let’s burn this s— down,” Sullivan can be heard saying on the video before heading inside. It was not clear if the comment was directed to or heard by any specific person or people.

Those are not the words of a “journalist,” and they are not unlike Sullivan, as video posted to Twitter well shows.

Gateway Pundit curated multiple social media posts of leftists urging a “counter-protest.”

Yet answering leftist Senator Patrick Leahy, Wray said his agency had no evidence of Antifa’s presence that day:

We have not to date seen any evidence of anarchist violent extremists or people subscribing to Antifa in connection with the 6th. That doesn’t mean we’re not looking, and we’ll continue to look, but at the moment, we have not seen that.

Nor did the FBI see any evidence of “fake Trump supporters,” Wray said, despite Sullivan’s presence in a Trump hat.

Wray’s testimony not only contradicts the hard facts about Sullivan, but also the testimony of the former chief of Capitol Hill Police, Steven Sund. He told a Senate committee that his force received intelligence that Antifa would be at the protest.

H/T: Daily Caller

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