Saturday, April 10, 2021

Feds Pushing to Kick NRA Top Lawyer Off Bankruptcy Case

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The Department of Justice is calling for NRA top lawyer Bill Brewer to be removed from the organization’s bankruptcy case, accusing him of hiding his “divided loyalties and conflicts of interest.”

U.S. Trustee William Neary, who is running a part of the DOJ’s program enforcing bankruptcy laws in northern Texas, said in a filing this week that Brewer’s wife, the sister of a former NRA contractor involved in the case, constitutes a conflict of interest, reports The Washington Free Beacon.

“These disqualifying conflicts are compounded by [Brewer]’s failure to disclose them in the Application and by [Brewer]’s failure to disclose all of its pre-petition compensation,” Neary said 

Brewer, who has been the attorney most responsible for the NRA’s legal strategy in recent years, had advised CEO Wayne LaPierre and the organization’s board on the bankruptcy filing. This included the plan for the NRA to move to Texas in an effort against the New York attorney general’s push to shut down the organization. 

Brewer’s firm has collected $12 million in legal fees in the past 90 days in connection with the case, reports The Free Beacon.

NRA first vice president Charles Cotton said Neary is “misinformed” and that the group supports its longtime attorney and has vetted his company. 

However, Neary said the NRA accused Brewer of overbilling in the New York case and said that conflict should keep him away from representing the organization. He also noted that Brewer’s wife is the sister of Ackerman McQueen CEO Revan McQueen, the NRA’s largest potential creditor and that Brewer didn’t disclose that he was prohibited by the U.S. Court for the Northern District of Texas from representing the organization in cases against Ackerman.

Greg Garman, another NRA lawyer involved in the case, said the accusations are without merit and could cost the organization “millions of dollars” to replace Brewer’s firm. 

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