Saturday, September 11, 2021

Florida Hospitals/ICUs at Capacity with Unvaccinated ‘COVID Deadbeats’, Many ‘Younger’ – Veterans Today

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94 percent of the hospital system’s patients are unvaccinated. (The only vaccinated in hospital are over 85 with mild cases)

MSN: Central Florida’s largest hospital chain is moving into the “red zone” due to a surge in coronavirus cases caused by the highly transmissible Delta variant.

On Monday, AdventHealth announced its ICU was moving to red status, just four days after it elevated its status to “yellow.”

According to the latest update, 862 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized across the Central Florida division, which indicates that inpatient totals are nearing January’s record of 900 patients.

“We are approaching an all-time high, in terms of our inpatient, number of COVID-19 cases, which is a stretch in our capacity,” AdventHealth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Victor Herrera said at a Monday news briefing.

Under red status, hospitals will begin rescheduling non-urgent elective outpatient surgeries in order to increase capacity on Tuesday. AdventHealth’s ICU is currently full.

“When we are in a situation like this one where our capacity is a stretch, we may have to reschedule care, that is not urgent. So as a reminder that is what level red means, we do a systematic review of all procedures that are scheduled for patients, and if there is something that can wait,” Herrera said. “Then we make that decision, in collaboration with a doctor taking care of that patient, so we can increase our capacity.”

Although the influx of patients has caused AdventHealth to suspend certain medical care, Herrera reassured that the hospital system has the necessary equipment and staff to continue to care for both COVID and non-COVID patients, even if the cases continue to rise.

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