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How to Meditate, Be Still and Know I AM (We are all) God – Veterans Today | News

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I grew up in a Christian home and always held at the core of my heart, what I consider to be and still do,  one of the world’s greatest spiritual insights, Jesus’s quote  “Love thy neighbor, as thyself.”

This profound insight and teaching seemed to be at the core of our soul’s life lesson journey here on planet earth.  So, after a lifetime of studying our daily news and the history of our world, I continued to ask, how could Jesus’s quote be true in face and fact that Christians (and other Religions) have literally murdered hundreds of millions of their neighbors in the name of God?

“Thy shalt not kill.” Exodus 20:13 

I humbly invite you to take a moment to think through this with me and own for yourself the answer that came to me.   I pray this article will help you to see the great metaphysical elephant in the room that perpetually presents an inverted picture of Jesus’s true teachings.


Therefore,  if Jesus’s quote “Love thy neighbor, as thyself” is true, and I believe that it is, then I concluded that every horrific thing on our planet to date must be occurring because people/humanity are literally doing what he says.  Now, before you might choose to react to this statement, please think through with me on how I got to this conclusion and more importantly, how each of us and humanity can correct this picture to live and create a world of true and loving peace.

Yes, on the surface this appears to be an insanely bold statement until you consider it from the literal reality that: We are loving our neighbors exactly how we love ourselves…and that is ‘we chose to love ourselves horribly’.  

You see, one person cannot give to another what he or she does not first have for themselves.  If I have not first found inner peace, love, kindness, compassion, and care for myself then the only thing I am capable of projecting and acting on, in regards to other people, animals, and mother earth, is the opposite of this, self-hatred.  The truth be told, if I have anything less than a state of loving reverence for myself then I will only project and act on my inner state of suffering as expressed through agitation/impatience, self-hatred, cruelty, intolerance, and indifference.

In other words, peace from emotional disorders and physical disease, peace between cultures and on our planet are inextricably linked to our ability to first find love and peace within ourselves.  Therefore, until each of us truly finds the kingdom of heaven that is within, that which is defined by expressing the loving, peace, compassion and innocence of a child, then we will continue to project our crazy self-hatred on to other people, animals, and mother earth…defining them as “the Others” and then psychopathically harming, murdering and destroying them instead of lovingly embracing them as “all are one” as an extension of God’s Divine gift to us.

You see, the Jesus figure said: “Even the least among you can do what I have done and greater things” ~ John 14:12.   How else can one rationally interpret this quote other than:  “I did it (enlightenment), you can do it and even go further than I.”

Later the Jesus infers this is achieved is possible if you first find: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” (Luke 17:21).  He later he later states this is attainable by: “Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children (attain a metaphorical state of spiritual innocence), ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”(Matthew 18:3).

Then, and only through this state of aligned innocence (or what the Buddhist call “egoless” or what Christians might term a state of “surrender” or “atonement”) with God’s Will, can we be awakened and integrate the state of being as referred to in Psalms 46:10: “Be still, and know that I AM God”.

Only from this cognized state of awareness can we know  “And God said (spoke the “Word” which means “the primary creative harmony”) let there be light.”(Genesis 1:3).  From this state of consciousness we will know as it says in John 1:14 “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.” Hence, we can understand and witness what Einstein said in his famous equation E=MC2 that “Energy and Mass are different forms of the same thing.”

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering of the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” – Lao Tzu (4th Century BC)

“The solution to the problem of the day is the awakening of the consciousness of humanity to the divinity within.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan, 14th century.


First, find a quiet place to sit. Sit on a chair or on the floor, however, you feel most comfortable. If sitting on a chair sit up straight with your spine erect and your feet flat on the floor. If you are sitting on the floor, sit cross-legged as best as you can. Place your hands comfortably to the top on your knees. Bring your index fingers to your thumbs on both hands and face the palms of your hands upward. Close your eyes and begin to concentrate your inner gaze at the point that is near the center of your forehead. This point, just above and between your two eyes, is commonly referred to as your third-eye.

Become mindful of your breath. Take five minutes to breathe in slowly and with concentration, in through your nose and then out through your mouth. Begin to observe any and all thoughts that cross your mind. Consciously see each of these thoughts dissolving and not important at this moment. Your goal is to be present to the NOW. Continue your inner gaze through your third-eye and watch for the image of your reflection pool to still. This stillness will occur as your thoughts dissolve into nothingness and the present moment of your breath.

With each breath become aware of any tension in your body. Feel the power of your breath to bring release and peace to this area of self-created tension. Continue your inner gaze and conscious breathing. Allow the peace of your breath and stillness of your mind to connect you to your true-self, that of only love. With this new inner stillness, you will likely see a rich blue or violet color in your third-eye. Stay in this space of awareness as long as you can or choose.


“Breath-of-Fire, Humming, and Ho’ponopono Chakra healing. (This process utilizes hyperventilated breathing, which Yogi’s call “Breath of Fire.” If you have any medical condition – it is recommended that you consult with your physician first before attempting this mediation and/or simply breath slowly as described in the Beginning Still Meditation.)

Overview Understanding of the Advanced Three Step Meditation process:

1) The Breath-of-Fire is designed to help further clear your mind of distracting thoughts while bringing higher concentrations of oxygen into your brain.

2) The “Ho’oponopono,” according to Wikipedia, is an ancient Hawaiian process of reconciliation and forgiveness.” At its’ mystical core are the elements of mental cleansing, putting things right and rectifying errors. Attending with this awareness activation is the recognition that we are always 100 percent at cause and responsible for any problem.

Similarly it is defined that we are also 100 percent capable of rectifying any and all errors. Four short phrases activate the process of this healing process and release us from the groove of suffering: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Through the melody of these words we transmute and transcend the error of our thoughts, become free of attachments and now co-create from new and loving possibilities.

3) The Body’s Chakra System Overview
The 1st Chakra energy center (know as the Mulandhara or Root Chakra) is located at the base of your spine near the tailbone. The Root Chakra is symbolized by lotus flower of four pedals and is associated with the color red. The 1st Chakra deals with base survival energies of the self; fight or flight instincts, security, mental stability, sensuality and sexuality. 

Working upwardly, the next energy center, the 2nd Chakra (known as Swadhisthana), is located just slightly above the Root Chakra, in the area of the sacrum near a man’s testes or a woman’s ovaries. This Chakra is symbolized by the crescent moon of the lotus flower and is associated with the color orange. Its’ energies deal with relationships, emotional stability, and pleasure, violence, and addictions.

The 3rd Chakra, known as Manipura, is located in the stomach area and is symbolized by the downward pointing triangle of the lotus’s ten petals. Its’ associated color is yellow. This Chakra’s energies deal with translations and transformation of emotions fear, stress and anxiety into personal powers of spiritual growth and mental expansiveness.

Working upwardly, the next energy center, the 4th Chakra (known as the Anahata) is symbolized by a twelve petal green circular flower. It is located in the chest and heart area of the body and is associated with the color green or pink. The 4th Chakra deals with energies of unconditional love, emotional balance, compassion, tenderness, how we handle rejection and our sense of inner well-being.

The 5th Chakra, located in our throat, is known as Vishuddha. It is symbolized by a silver crescent with sixteen pale blue or turquoise petals. This energy center deals with and governs our communication, our ability to articulate our thoughts and speak authentically, our spiritual expression.

The 6th Chakra, known as Ajna (our third-eye), is linked to the pineal gland and is located in the center of the forehead, at the point just above and between your two eyes. It is associated with the colors indigo, violet or deep blue and is symbolized by a two-petal lotus. The 6th Chakra is associated with our intuition and the…

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