Tuesday, January 25, 2022

In Germany Leftist Insanity Hits a New Level, In Order to be Euthanized a Person Must First Get Vaccinated

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The topic of euthanization or assisted suicide is a very sad one, one most people never think about or consider.

Now if you are terminally ill and want to off yourself, at least in Germany, you first have to be vaccinated.

This is very, very real and not a joke which shows just how insane people have become over this virus from China.

Via the Spectator:

“Irony has been declared many times in this pandemic but now, from Covid-riddled Germany comes the final proof: you can’t kill yourself now unless you’ve been vaccinated. As European countries battle to limit the spread of the virus, Verein Sterbehilfe – the German Euthanasia Association – has issued a new directive, declaring it will now only help those who have been vaccinated or recovered from the disease. In a statement, the association said:

“Euthanasia and the preparatory examination of the voluntary responsibility of our members willing to die require human closeness. Human closeness, however, is a prerequisite and breeding ground for coronavirus transmission. As of today, the 2G rule applies in our association, supplemented by situation-related measures, such as quick tests before encounters in closed rooms.”

‘Close encounters in closed rooms’ – what a fabulous German euphemism for assisted suicide. The term ‘2G’ meanwhile refers to a system which only allows free movement for leisure activities for the geimpft oder genese— ‘vaccinated or recovered.’ God forbid that a person without the jab should try to end it all – talk about a vaccine passport to the afterlife…”

Leave it to the Germans to come up with something like this, only this time Americans won’t be storming the beaches at Normandy to save them.

As insane as requiring vaccination before you can kill yourself is, one can expect this idea to be adopted by Democrats and leftists in our own country very, very soon.

This is but another example of the fact that leftism must be caused by mental illness, as normal sane people do not think or act like this.

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