Tuesday, May 11, 2021

It’s an Invasion: 170K Illegals Caught at Border. Thousands More Roam Heartland. Crisis Continues

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Border agents apprehended more than 170,000 illegal aliens in March, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has reported, a staggering figure that surpasses any monthly total in recent memory, including the border surge in 2019 when the figure topped 140,000 in May.

The latest monthly figure for the Biden Border Rush also pushed the total for fiscal 2021, which began in October, to nearly 570,000, well past totals for last year and 2018.

The number for March, a 15-year record, shows that Biden and his leftist underlings are either clueless about the situation, or worse, have no intention of trying to stop it.

Grim Totals

March’s 172,331 brought the total of illegals apprehended for the fiscal year to 569,879. The figures, though, become more incomprehensible when compared to the numbers that border agents had seen before:

  • The March total is 70.6-percent more than last month’s adjusted figure of 101,028.
  • It is 139.5-percent more than October’s 71,945.
  • It is 20-percent more than May 2019’s 144,116.


As for the 570,000 in the first six months of fiscal 2021 alone, it is 24.4-percent more than all of fiscal 2020. Last year, agents apprehended 458,088. The yearly total so far is also higher than any year since at least fiscal 2012 except 2019.


If border authorities continue apprehending illegals at the rate they arrived in March — 5,559 a day — by fiscal year’s end on September 30, they will have caught another 1.53 million illegals. That would put the yearly total at more than two million.

If they are apprehended at the rate for the year thus far, another 861,000 will have been caught. That will make for a total of about 1.4 million.

Either of those will far surpass recent yearly totals.

September stats graph
If the Biden Border Rush continues, the number of apprehensions for fiscal 2021 will far surpass any recent annual total.

That aside, the invasion shows no signs of letting up. The illegals know the borders are open. They know amnesty awaits, along with free food, education, and healthcare. Biden Bucks are boundless.

As for the breakdown, most of the illegals apprehended were, as usual, single adults, CBP reported.

They numbered a little more than 426,000, or 75 percent of the total. Members of so-called family units, many of which have proven fakes in the past, were almost 94,000, while unaccompanied minors exceeded 48,000.


What the Numbers Mean

The massive influx of apprehended illegals means two things: The number of so-called got-aways, those who slip past border agents and disappear into the country, has also increased, and the detention crisis at the border has worsened.

As The New American reported last week, citing Breitbart, border authorities estimate that more than 130,000 illegals had disappeared into the heartland since October, a total of about 613 per day.

That puts the total of got-aways at more than 110,000.

But if the numbers trying to cross and failing increased by 70 percent in one month, the number of daily got-aways had to have increased as well. Border agents are required to corral, feed, house, and provide medical care to the “migrants.”

Last week, the Washington Post reported that 1,000 illegals were slipping by border agents every day.

As well, so-called detention facilities have been packed to the rafters, a situation that cannot have improved. In late March, they were already 1,200-percent over capacity.

A Biden “detention facility.”

That appalling problem, which leftists called “kids in cages” during the Trump administration, shows no signs of abating. Illegal-alien kids live under the constant threat of sexual assault.

Biden himself, of course, is to blame, given his reckless promises of open borders and amnesty, along with his rescission of Trump’s much-tougher border policies. Illegals know that, his border officials have admitted, and acted accordingly.

“Joe Biden halted construction of the border wall, reinstated catch and release, and ended the remain in Mexico policy,” Senator Ted Cruz of Texas tweeted. “As consequence: Over 170,000 illegal aliens were detained in March, the highest level in 15 years.”

Tweeted Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio:

It’s more than a crisis at the southern border. 

It’s chaos.

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