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You have been taught a great lie. You have been trained, like Pavlov’s dogs, to trust only what your five senses tell you. Discounting the fact that any magician worth the rabbit in his hat can deceive the five senses, the five senses are inherently flawed by the brains reticular activating system. The reticular activating system spans an extensive portion of the brainstem and one of its jobs during the waking state is to filter out all perception that is not related to the bestial needs of human existence, gratification and flight or fight. On a battle field filled with gods and devils you would not see them. You would sooner see a cheeseburger.

Philosophers with the most superficial of understanding like Baruch Spinoza and Thomas Hobbs have founded a new religion based on the deception of their own senses. Once called Materialism and Rationalism, it has metastasized to its logical conclusion in Marxism and Transhumanism. In order to debase the human race enough so they would except their fate of being robot slaves at best, nutrition being more likely, to a race of beings who are not hindered by their biological needs it was necessary to convince them that those beings did not exist. As the saying goes the devils greatest trick was convincing man he did not exist.

In the days of Sumer and Babylon these beings walked among men as kings and queens, demigods like Gilgamesh and devouring demons like Pazuzu. After the Promethean rebellion against them and the deluge that drowned Atlantis they became wiser. Outside the goddess, who as Ishtar swore vengeance against Enlil for the flood, they stopped showing themselves to what they consider their livestock. They concealed themselves in an endless succession of palace mayors posing as kings and queens and invented a reformed child sacrificing prophet on whose story they could found their false religions.

At Fatima the pope, who is the devil of Revelations that would hold sway over the human race for a thousand years, was told by the Goddess his time was up. He will not go quietly into the endless night that is his villainous fate and predictably war has followed, a century of warfare between humans and a century of warfare between gods.

I am intimately acquainted with these beings and those that know me know my credentials. Let me tell you about these so said gods. Reality around them can and is altered to better suit their needs and thereby they create yours. They have no existential need for man to worship them, they are independent of their human hosts. But their kind do require humans for sustenance. Most are contented to feed upon their emotions, love, hate, arousal, and fear. They sift it through the ether like a clam sifting water for nutrients. Others drain them like vampires.

They have farmed the human race since the days of Sumer and On, now called Heliopolis. They are the Council of Nine of J.J. Hurtak, Andrija Puharich, Hal Puthoff and MK Ultra proper. They were the Nine gods of Heliopolis in Egypt and the Nine Lords of the Night in Mesoamerica. The Australian aborigines called them Wandgina and southwest Native Americans Kachina. The Northmen knew they existed and called them Jötunn, Aser, and Vanir. Christianity has written them out of its carefully contrived reality for slaves, but Islam still knows them well as the Djinn.

It was they who wrote the Qur’an as evidenced by the narrators who frequently refer to themselves as We. In Surah 18, verse 7-8 the dictators of the Qur’an say: “Indeed, We have made that which is on the earth adornment for it that We may test them [as to] which of them is best in deed.” They then go on to promise “And indeed, We will make that which is upon it [into] a barren ground.” (1)

In what many Islamic scholars consider the oldest sura in the Qur’an, called An-Najm or the Star, the prophet implores the wealthy merchants of Mecca not forget the three goddesses whose intercession is the long-awaited salvation of man. Because they could not simply erase the revelations of the prophet the drooling monotheists that followed Mohammad like the ape that follows Thoth did what they could to deface the entire sura, even going so far as to change the name of the three verses dedicated to the goddesses from the Crane Verses to the Satanic Verses. In the closing lines of the sura the narrator of An-Najm then promises, as the Lord of Sirius, to raise the dead and bring about a Second Kingdom… (2)

The slaves do not know who they are, but the slaves human masters do and still make sacrifice to them. They are the sons and daughters of Asherah and Anu. The offspring of An which is what Anunnaki means. Just like Elohim in the bible means the sons and daughters of El.

The Ugaritic texts, which are by far the earliest and least tampered with of the Semitic texts, prove that beyond debate by any scholars who don’t have vested interests in saying otherwise. “The word Elohim is derived from l-h-m which is repeatedly found in the Ugaritic texts and is used to denote the entire pantheon of Canaanite gods descended from the mother Goddess and the father God.” (3)

According to Genesis 1:1“In the beginning ‘God [Elohim]’ created the heavens and the earth…” God is El and nowhere in the Ugaritic texts is he called anything, but El. Elohim is also “not used for Aṯiratu or Elat, the Mother Goddess, also called Asherah in other Semitic texts where she is identified as the consort of the Sumerian god Anu by scholars.” (4)

The translation of Elohim into El is a misnomer at the very least. In light of the Ugaritic texts, stumbled upon by yet another lost shepherd boy in 1928, translating it as god singular is a blatant lie but then again why should not the original book of lies begin with a lie?

Dead Sea Scrolls hoax aside (5), they’ve been digging for over a hundred years now and have yet to find one shred of evidence that anything in the bible, called tanakh by the Jews, is true. The archeological evidence indicates that the bible or tanakh is a bastardization of Mesopotamian history, written no earlier than the early eleventh century, which is about as far back as the “old” testament can be dated through the Leningrad Codex.

Human history, as we know it, is not much more than a thousand years old. No less a scion of empire than Isaac Newton himself thought the dates for Greece and Rome should be moved up at least three centuries going so far as to say that the Egyptian Pharaoh Menes reckoned to reign three thousand years before the common era by the now completely discredited Scaliger- Pétau chronology, more likely reigned less than a thousand years before the common era.

Throw in the testimony of the eighteenth-century Jesuit Librarian Jean Hardouin, the work of Professor Anatoly Fomenko and the mathematics department at Moscow University, combined with the research of Edwin Johnson, Forster Arbuthnot, Heribert Illig, Gunnar Heinsohn, Uwe Topper and a host of others not beholding to the academic trough and an irrefutable fact emerges. There were no dark ages. (6)

We are not that far out of Babylon and Sumer where she was worshiped as Ishtar and Inanna respectively, fifteen hundred years, maybe less and one catastrophic event. We just published the Hervarar Saga or How the West Was Really Won because unlike the Oera Linda, which also pays tribute to her as the founder of Western Civilization, the Hervarar Saga is unabashedly Pagan. There is no need to sanitize Freyja, as the Oera Linda surely does, and make her a mortal woman who lived two thousand years before a Jesus that she herself invented.

In the Hervarar Saga, Hervör is a Valkyrie, a supernatural woman who has the power to shapeshift into a man and it is her who founds the Holy Roman Empire with Tyrfing, the cursed sword of destiny which was the actual artifact so sought by Hitler. She is the mother of King Heithrek whom Christianity has sanitized to Henry the Fowler, the progenitor of the Ottonian dynasty.

Count Liudolf appeared right before the dawn of the tenth century and married Oda, a member of the Frankish House of Billung. She supposedly lived to be a hundred and seven years old. Their combined estates would be the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire. Among their children were Bruno, said to have been killed in battle against the Vikings, and Otto the Illustrious.

Otto’s son Henry the Fowler would first defeat the Magyar at the Battle of Riade, halting the invasion of the eastern hordes into western Europe. In the Hervarar Saga King Heithrek first defeats the Huns when he puts King Humli to flight and wins the hand of Sifka, princess of the Hun. Henry’s son Otto I or Otto the Great, first in the Ottonian dynasty to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor, would defeat the Magyars for good at the Battle of Lechfeld, recorded in the Hervarar Saga as Heithrek’s son Angantyr’s resounding defeat of the Hun. Otto would be followed as Holy Roman Emperor by Otto II and Otto III.

Henry’s other son Bruno, Otto the Great’s younger brother would become Bruno the Great, the Archbishop of Cologne, a euphemism for the pope, the very first one. At the prodding of Bruno’s successor Archbishop Poppo a monk from Cologne named Ruotger meticulously set forth in writing the events in Bruno’s incarnation as Bruno the Great. In The Life of Archbishop Bruno of Cologne Ruotger writes:

“Threatening that kingdom [France] was the savage destruction of the Northmen. There is no one more knowledgeable when it comes to piracy. The people, which was already to a great degree devastated by them, was used to dissension and disaster. They had consumed what remained to them through civil war. Our leader’s [Bruno’s] prudent arrangements were active: he arranged that all could flee to him, as to the calmest port, since he understood himself to be a human, thus thinking nothing human being foreign to him. He mitigated the immense and intolerable wildness of those barbarians…”

Ruotger deems it necessary to assure his readers that Bruno understood himself to be a human, indicating there were legitimate reasons not consider…

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