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Jade Helm and the Death of the Alternative Media – Veterans Today

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It’s time for the boot to enter the fat behind here and for some to wake up to the fact that they are the problem.

In 2017, starting with Politico, then the Washington Post, Newsweek, the WSJ, and others, VT was accused of collecting names and personal information on US military on behalf of Russian security.  The FBI began an investigation and, eventually, (and this is 100% fact) considered employing VT staff to teach “media and spycraft” for the FBI.

The FBI caught us telling the truth and doing it without pay.  They were shocked.

OK, here it is, there is a disease with many people, those who are inherently plagued with feelings of inferiority and more than a touch of bipolar disorder.  They used to be called paranoids.  These people, and there are millions of them, feel they at the center of a great conspiracy and that they are, somehow, blessed with unique talents and even magical attributes.

They watch InfoWars, Fox News, read Natural News, BeforeItSnooze and other “not so innocent” disinformation platforms and become exactly what they feared they were, part of a very real plot.

They become the self fulfilling prophesy.

They “anti-vaxx.” To them, rabies, polio, diphtheria and measles are “nothing” though I nearly died of measles back in 1958 (measles is not “rubella”).  Fever of 106.  This was and is common.  Measles kills.  That’s OK, anti-vaxxers think polio is harmless too, perhaps we might want to put some of them in iron lungs for a few years to think about it.  Ah, but to them, Roosevelt’s wheelchair was fake as well.  Anti-vaxxers are mentally ill.  If you are one, you are mentally ill.

“Birthers.”  These are folks, Trump is one, who think Obama’s mom flew from Hawaii to British East Africa while very very pregnant to give birth to a mixed race child in one of the few places on earth where that child might well have been killed by hospital staff immediately.

No, to Trump and other crazies, including lots of FBI agents who were caught (this was not publicly reported) making up phony docs, simply thought she got on a Concorde and zipped around the world, a world at the time of largely propeller driven aircraft.

Then there’s “nanothermite,” a weapons propellant and low grade explosive manufactured by DARPA and NASA from 6 micron aluminum on the ISS.  “Nanothermite” is produced only in zero gravity and less than a single teaspoon was ever made.  It was found to be only 20% more powerful than normal projectile propellants and never used.  It contains “0” iron.

It was never manufactured.  This is where the other conspiracy people come in, those paid to dissemble.  To “put” nanothermite on all the beams of the WTC and to place 100,000 battery powered igniters for a substance that has never been found anywhere, no patents exist, no factories make it, would have taken months and involved thousands of workers ripping down walls.

Why do “scientists” and “investigative” types believe nanothermite which doesn’t exist and could never have been used anyway was magically transfixed and used to dissolve buildings?  We say “follow the money” and “too stupid to live.”

When real things come up, like VT busting Israel, the CIA and the White Helmets as early as 2012, years before anyone else, we were alone.

When we published proof of nuclear detonation of the WTC, supplied to us by the FBI (rogue agent, thank you very much) in 2014, we were almost alone.  Yes, others had figured it out but we had the proof.

When we busted WikiLeaks as Mossad back in 2009, perhaps the world’s worse kept secret, we were alone then and although the proof is overwhelming, we are almost totally alone still.  Tens of millions is spent to protect the Mossad’s stepchild, Julian Assange, who may even be sent to real prison (if Assange ever existed…you see we aren’t entirely sure).

Every day, VT destroys fake conspiracies and outs real ones where most of the Israeli controlled conspiracy media is on the wrong side as they normally are.

The worst so far, the worst in history, is Jade Helm.  Google is out there erasing the insane claims of their beloved and protected conspiracy platforms that were burned to the ground over Jade Helm.  Search through, find who lied to you and remember them.

When VT found 80 Israeli agents on 9/11 and produced evidence of arrests with weapons and explosives, the fake conspiracy media began talking about “dancing Israelis.”  Even now, they carry photos of the 5 fake plotters while we publish things like this:

By Gordon Duff with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Four years ago, Americans were told that the US Army planned mass arrests and that “trainloads of shackles” were being shipped into the Western United States to use during the arrests of millions in a massive crackdown on “White conservatives” by the Obama administration.

Alternative media moguls, back by YouTube’s most powerful conspiracy pundits claimed that huge warehouses had just gone up in the “back woods of Kentucky” and that millions of caskets of those to be executed would be stored there.

Their evidence was a Pentagon announcement of a strange but small-scale training exercise and the closure of 5 Walmart stores and lots and lots of “dot connecting” by conspiracy theorist, including prominent academics, one state governor and members of congress.


The trains filled with shackles never existed, the “thrown up overnight warehouses” were built 130 years ago, owned by Makers Mark Distillers for aging their bourbon whiskey.  The whole thing was made up.

However, Texas governor Greg Abbot called up the militia to protect Texans from being shackled and shipped to whiskey warehouses in Kentucky through a maze of tunnels he believed spread across the continent from the “basements” of Walmart stores.  Governor Abbot began a defacto insurrection against the United States based on what?

Jade Helm

Back in 2015, a bizarre controversy began.  The Pentagon began what they called a “training exercise” which put hundreds of special operations troops in small towns pretending to “infiltrate” communities.

The backlash turned America upside down and, today, Russia is being blamed.  The end result, as to how it applied at the time, and today as well, to internet media and independent reporting and analysis is catastrophic in its impact.

An investigation has revealed that the hysteria mongering involving Jade Helm, something we will get into here, was orchestrated by what overtly appears to be a web of FBI, CIA and financial groups, operating in unison, for some purpose.  Events over the subsequent four years have helped put that purpose into focus.

This cabal, as we choose to call it, when seen a few years later, is easily identified as an arm of the Deep State and their purpose, testing out their “chaos theory engine,” the one used so often today, Russiagate, fake Syria gas attacks, the Iran hysteria, and Jade Helm was a testing ground.

What the investigation has found, however, is that there is much more to this story than simply blaming Russia for the hysteria of the summer of 2015.  There was a secondary purpose to “Jade Helm,” and it wasn’t spying on Americans.

The real source of the hysteria came from an even more shadowy FBI organization, the inheritor of CointelPro, called InfraGard.

Publicly, InfraGard is a business partnership where corporate officials get security clearances and learn investigative techniques in order to, well frankly, spy on their coworkers for the FBI, just like in CointelPro when the FBI was run by J. Edgar Hoover.

The truth is far more sinister, InfraGard, founded in Cleveland, Ohio by the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence office there (very active in the Muller investigation as well), was devised by Israeli security to penetrate the FBI itself and take control over counter-intelligence operations.

I learned about this organization during the early 2000’s when working on international trade related litigation involving Russia and Ukraine.  An American bank, later learned to have been a portal for laundering CIA drug cash, failed to fund a multi-billion-dollar transaction with Russia and Ukraine involving much of the world’s fertilizer production.

The impact on world food supplies was catastrophic.

When classified FBI files began appearing during the “discovery” phase of litigation, an investigation of this odd phenomenon stumbled over incestuous relationships between top members of AIPAC (the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), two organizations then under investigation for espionage against the US in what was later called “The AIPAC Spy Scandal.”  From

“The other shoe has finally dropped in the case of the spy scandal involving the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). In addition to five espionage-related charges filed against former Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin, two counts of conspiracy to communicate classified information to a foreign power have been lodged against former AIPAC foreign policy director Steve Rosen, and a single count of conspiracy against Rosen’s assistant, former AIPAC Iran specialist Keith WeissmanThe latest indictment [.pdf] reads like a spy thriller, and, while some of the elements were already known, there is much that is surprising, including the information that Rosen has apparently been under surveillance since at least 1999.

On April 13, 1999, Rosen had a conversation with someone identified as “Foreign Official 1” (FO-1): the AIPAC director told FO-1 that he (Rosen) had “picked up an extremely sensitive piece of intelligence” described by Rosen as “codeword protected intelligence.” According to the indictment, “Rosen then disclosed to FO-1 national defense information concerning terrorist activities in Central Asia.”

While the identity of “Foreign Official 1” is not yet known, there is no doubt about what…

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