Sunday, January 23, 2022

Leftist Group Issues Its Number 666 and Finds There’s Hell to Pay

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If a Christian group launched a fund-raising appeal and caught hell from its members after announcing that its average donation was $6.66, the leftist mockery would be intense. But it turns out that the Women’s March has its own “number of the devil” (though its Beelzebubs are relative and subject to change without notice). It learned this after trying desperately to raise money and informing that you don’t have to give much but that, as a guide, their average donation is currently $14.92.

If you don’t see the problem, you’re normal (though maybe not attuned to our societal devolution). But instead of saying “The average gift is fourteen dollars, 92 cents,” say “The average gift is fourteen-ninety-two” and the issue may become clear.

Yes, in 1492, Columbus assailed the land of the Sioux (sort of) — in the leftist way of “thinking.”

Apparently, this triggered the Women’s March donor base, prompting a satire-worthy but serious tweeted apology.

Before getting to that, commentator Andrea Widburg reminds us of the organization’s genesis. “The Women’s March emerged after [Donald] Trump was accused of ‘grabbing women by the [vulgarism],’” she writes. “I listened to the entire recorded conversation, and it was clear that Trump wasn’t saying he engaged in that conduct. Instead, he was making the point that, if you’re rich and famous, you can get away with anything,” she then opined.

“I’ve always imagined that, had the bus ride during which he was recorded not ended then, he would have added, ‘At least, that’s what Bill Clinton told me,’” Widburg then quipped.

(Joking aside, a prerequisite for making America great again is making America moral again — i.e., cultivating virtue — and part of this is cleaning up our mouths, whether we’re paupers, peons, or presidents. This said, the #MeToo movement fizzed because, by my calculations, approximately 90 percent of its transgressors turned out to be leftists, which I’m sure it didn’t anticipate. So the Left does have a glass-houses-and-stones problem.)Anyway, despite being well past its sell-by date, the Women’s March marches on, and it needs moola. This brings us to its $14.92 guidance, which apparently inspired complaints such as the following: “Tbh, from Indigenous people, this is not a good look at all,” whined Twitter user Indig Women Rising. “This proves that Indigenous people are inherently not even thought of in this movement. We are yet again another after thought [sic] and IT IS F[******] HURTFUL.”

This was issued after the Women’s March’s groveling apology, too (tweet below).

But mostly, the apology prompted Twitterverse incredulity, as the following responses (presented as written) evidence:

  • “wait is this a parody account now”
  • “Lmao this is too much for even a satirical bit”
  • “@TheBabylonBee couldn’t come up with anything better”
  • “This is good content. 10/10.”
  • “I’ll give you $17.76 to delete this tweet!”

For Widburg’s part, she writes in response, “One of my friends and I like to play a game: He reads headlines to me and it’s up to me to guess whether they’re from the news or from the Babylon Bee. Lately, I’m right about 50% of the time, meaning I’m as accurate as a coin toss. The nonsense that spews from the left is so ludicrous that I have a hard time distinguishing reality from satire.”

This is true, and sadly not a joke. If you knew a man who’d lost such touch with reality that his theories and assumptions about life increasingly couldn’t be distinguished from satire, you’d be concerned. How could such a person separate reality from fantasy, fact from fiction, on matters relating to his life, health, and well-being, after all? Such people may end up in institutions or under conservatorship.

It’s little different when two people, 10, 10,000, or the pseudo-elites of a whole civilization lose touch with reality — except that conservatorship can be replaced by conquest (see China et al.).

The 1492 lamentations, quintessentially un-American, reflect anti-intellectualism and prejudice. It’s horse-blinder history, where a civilization’s “sins” are viewed in exclusion, without necessary context; they’re then magnified, too. So we’re called to despise Christopher Columbus (who has been unfairly maligned; click here) and colonizing Europeans and be oblivious to the only difference between their expansionist endeavors’ and other groups’:

The Europeans were more successful in recent history.

(This can change.)

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to ignore that American Indians and others did the same things, often with greater brutality (as pagan civilizations will). Widburg cites the example of how the human-sacrificing Aztecs ripped the hearts out of thousands of prisoners “for a single coronation.”

Truth be known, if we could be transported back to our pre-Christian ancestors’ times, it would be akin to living among the Taliban or Islamic State (only with slightly worse technology): They’d view us as alien and their thinking and moral foundation would be so to most of us. This is why “Indig Women Rising”-type activists may romanticize pre-European Indian culture, but virtually never want to actually return to their ancestors’ lifestyles and ways. Generally, they’re angry, bitter people who are comparing their flawed conception of today’s reality to their “Noble Savage” fantasy.

One could say here, be careful what you wish for because you may just get it. But these ne’er-do-wells won’t ever get yesterday’s darkness. They may get tomorrow’s, though, authored by a foreign colonizer that consumes the hobbled America their actions — and many other people’s inaction — are creating.

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