Sunday, April 11, 2021

Liberal Crazy Lady Verbally Attacks Good Samaritans Warning Her About Dangerous Gas Hose

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We all know one – a crazy white liberal woman.

If you believe in society’s version of “privilege,” nothing tops the list like a liberal white woman. They are normally thin, and pretty, and completely empty of any semblance of original thought.

Their bookshelves are bare of the classics like, Farenheight 451 or To Kill A Mockingbird. But you can guarantee the perfectly manicured shelf carries make-believe “mood stones” and Gweneth Paltrow’s newest self-help guide.

They are the ones that replaced God with celebrities as the head of their church. They follow Kylie Jenner’s every move and mimic her looks from head to toe.

The idea that women rule the world is laughable. It’s the liberal white woman that leads the world—all the “privilege” of being white and rich but without the guilt of being male.

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If you think this description of a crazy white liberal woman is an exaggeration, try connecting with an early 30s single liberal woman. Or better yet, try to warn one of them that they are dragging the gas hose with their car.

A video going viral today shows two men in a truck “following” a woman in a black Mercedes. She jumps out of the car heading straight for them. You can see she has harnessed all the power that the social justice nitwit could in preparation for unleashing her ignorant drivel on the two men she thinks are “following her.”

She rushes with her phone in hand, screaming at the two men in the truck, “Leave me alone! Why do you keep following me? Honestly, it’s so creepy, and I’m gonna call the cops.”

This is when the driver attempts to say “Ma’am….” but the crazy liberal white lady didn’t stop to listen to his explanation before she said she is going to call the cops “because [they] aren’t leaving [her] alone.” She said, “that’s why women can’t go out into the world by themselves because of guys like you who are creepy, ok.”

She screams one last time, “so stop following me.”

This is when the passenger can finally spit out that the reason the two men were following her is to make her aware of the massive nozzle and hose she is dragging from her gas tank.

The best part is watching her attempt to get back into her car. She realizes that she is the embodiment of what’s wrong in the world. On her way to yell at the two men in the truck, she is completely oblivious to her situation’s seriousness.

Can you really blame her? She is a product of our society. Freak out first and ignore your bad behavior. There is nothing uglier than a woman who acts like this.

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