Thursday, April 8, 2021

MAGA Victory: W.V. City Defeats Tyrannical LGBT Ordinance

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As in too many “conservative” towns, Star City, West Virginia, was poised to conserve a liberalism-born status quo. In its case, it was going to follow the lead of so many major municipalities and enact an oppressive sexual devolutionary (LGBT) ordinance. But thanks to the lobbying of a virtue-oriented activist group, this time the sexual social engineers lost.

As issue was something that sounded innocuous enough (to innocent ears): an “anti-discrimination” ordinance. It actually, however, would’ve discriminated against businesses that would operate in accordance with just norms and reason’s dictates.

The proposed Star City ordinance was typical of its kind, “targeting local businesses, restaurants, bakeries, private clubs, and even libraries and schools,” writes Mass Resistance, the group that combated it.


“The ordinances force inclusion of the full LGBT agenda,” Mass Resistance continues. “This means hiring men who dress as women; baking cakes celebrating ‘gay marriage’ or ‘gender transition’; allowing men to publicly kiss and fondle each other in restaurants; allowing men in women’s restrooms; LGBT or ‘diversity’ indoctrination in schools and businesses; and much more.”

Once such an ordinance is in place, sexual devolutionaries then seek out private entities that don’t meet their standards for compliance and persecute them via lawsuits and punishments such as fines.

Mass Resistance explains how these “horrible local ordinances get introduced and passed,” writing:

Massively funded LGBT organizations come in and target the local city councils. They use sophisticated propaganda and intimidation tactics. They talk about “fairness” and “equal rights.” They bring in crowds of angry LGBT “citizens” from surrounding areas (and even other states) to intimidate the politicians and local conservatives. They recite well-rehearsed emotional sob stories. They get the liberal media on board. It’s well planned and executed. Unfortunately, these campaigns have been very successful across the country.

Star City was targeted because although it’s fairly conservative and in a “red” state, it’s also a suburb of Morgantown (just south of Pittsburgh), which is “dominated by liberal West Virginia University and other local colleges and has become a center for LGBT activism in that region,” Mass Resistance informs.

This reflects a common reality: Academia is almost universally left-wing. Even if a college/university is in a very traditionalist area, it will almost assuredly be staffed by professors who underwent the same indoctrination, and were of the same bent to begin with (“higher” education generally attracts a certain kind of person), as big-city academics. It will also generally embrace the same curricula and pedagogies.

For much as in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, these alien-minded “pod people” once branched out from the big-city universities and into the small-town ones. They then could more easily transmit their moral virus further, infecting the towns nearby.

And so it transpired in Star City. “Near the end of last year a local LGBT activist — a bizarre man who dresses as a woman and calls himself Dee Dee McIntosh — came to the City Council meeting and with a crowd of other LGBT activists,” related Mass Resistance last year. “He presented a ‘sexual-orientation gender-identity’ (SOGI) non-discrimination ordinance that his group wanted the city to enact.”

“Dee Dee McIntosh’s ordinance was written by PFLAG, a powerful national LGBT organization that also pushes homosexuality and transgenderism in public schools, colleges, and other public venues across the country,” Mass Resistance continued. “PFLAG has a very active chapter in Morgantown.

Mass Resistance also tells us that while most Star City council members privately opposed the ordinance, media-enabled sexual devolutionary pressure was fairly intense. According to Mass Resistance, the council’s resolve was beginning to weaken.

But then something happened. “With help from our local activists, MassResistance revealed to the public that DeeDee [sic] McIntosh was a registered sex offender,” Mass Resistance writes in its recent article. “He had a long record of molesting students in the Monongalia County schools (where Star City is located). Not surprisingly, the local press had not bothered to expose this to the public, even though it was public record. This revelation helped the Star City’s City Council begin to push back.”

Mass Resistance continued its own activism, pointing out to the council that the people were on their side. They won the battle, and now it’s reported that the ordinance is dead.

There are a few lessons here. First and as I’ve emphasized previously, the sexual devolutionaries’ power is in a way illusory. They are few in number but make a lot of noise, which itself is magnified one-hundredfold by the media. This is a major reason why our governmental policies so often don’t reflect the people’s will:

Pseudo-elite leftists now possess virtually all the institutional power, controlling the media, entertainment, academia, and Big Tech.

The second lesson: Coming to mind here is that moral “issues are always complex matters — for people who have no principles,” as the apocryphal saying goes. In accordance with historical norms, the sexual devolutionaries’ activism was met with a lack of conviction by the silent majority (a big reason why it’s silent).

In reality, most people are animated more by emotion than reason, perhaps especially in this relativistic age. So when activists’ dark but intense passions go up against a population imbued with relativism and thus not rooted to (eternal) Truth, well, it’s not exactly an irresistible force meeting an immovable object.

Related to this, the Masss Resistance article essentially states that the revelation that Dee Dee McIntosh was a sex offender robbed the sexual devolutionaries of moral legitimacy and was a deciding factor in their defeat. This implies, however, that they might have succeeded had those closet-skeletons not existed. But does McIntosh’s moral stature change the ordinance’s moral stature? Would it have been better if he’d been a better man?

It does seem this battle was won by attacking the messenger as much as the message. Oh, I don’t fault Mass Resistance for thus proceeding. Again, people are highly influenced by feelings, one emotional appeal may deserve another, and perhaps, loosely speaking, all’s fair in love and culture war. It is lamentable, however, that we’ve reached a point where people who claim a boy can be a girl just by willing it can so easily seize the “moral” high ground.

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