Wednesday, April 7, 2021

MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Says He Might Sue President Trump In Defamation Case

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Just when we thought 2021 couldn’t possibly get any stranger, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough quickly reminded us that it most certainly can.

According to The Hill, Scarborough, host of “Morning Joe,” revealed in a recent interview that he’s heavily considering his legal options with regard to suing President Donald Trump over claims the president has made suggesting that Scarborough was involved in the murder of one of his former aides.

Over the summer of 2020, Trump slammed the MSNBC host, accusing him of being involved in the death of former aide Lori Klausutis, who died in 2001 in his Florida office when Scarborough was a lawmaker representing the state of Florida.

The medical examiner ruled her death as an “accident” at the time and revealed that she had an underlying heart condition.

“In July 2001, Klausutis was found dead in the Florida office of Mr Scarborough, then a Republican congressman. Authorities determined the 28-year-old died after losing consciousness from an abnormal heart rhythm, before collapsing and striking her head. Police found no evidence of foul play. A medical examiner established she had suffered an acute subdural hematoma, or blood clot, and ruled her death an accident. Mr Scarborough was in Washington, DC at the time of her death,” a BBC report stated.

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Trump, over the course of his presidency, suggested that Scarborough was involved in her death, though the claims have only been written off as conspiracy theory. It was especially big news at the time of Trump’s accusations, as he made them on Twitter and it marked one of the first instances of Twitter adding a warning label to the president’s posts.

The widow of the deceased aide also pleaded with Twitter, asking them to take down the president’s posts about his deceased wife. Adding to that, reportedly a number of Republicans also urged Trump at the time to cease with making the baseless claims.

Reportedly, one of the main setbacks as far as suing the president is the fact that presidents are given a level of quasi-immunity while in office, which apparently steered Scarborough’s lawyers away from proceeding with a case. But now that the president is just days away from leaving the White House, Scarborough is once again looking at legal options.

“I am going to go back to the lawyer after he leaves office and I’m going to make sure – because why should a president be immune from a lawsuit if he does something like that?” Scarborough indicated in the interview.

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Scarborough also added that he has considered filing suit against Twitter for leaving the unproven claims up on Trump’s account, though thanks to Section 230, it would likely be an expensive legal case that goes nowhere.


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