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NEO – The strange case of Trump’s new ‘Socialist Republic of Northern Syria’ – Veterans Today

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by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, …and the Institute of Oriental Studies (1816) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research institution for the study of the countries and cultures of Asia and North Africa.

[ Editor’s Note: The Balkanization of Syria might seemed to have met its peak after the US coalition defeat precipitated by the Russian intervention, just thirty days after a VT team was in Damascus getting a hands on appraisal of the situation.

It was not pretty. People were packing their bags and telling neighbors who would get what of their furniture. The Syrian Army was pinned down in defensive battles holding the populated areas and the US coalition gaining the upper hand by choking off critical supply lines.

But regardless of how things looked, the Syrian government was ready to fight with everything it had. When the Russians did come in took some time to get its aircampaign rolling, normally for any military not used to running live combat missions continously. 

But slowly the Russian planes began hitting their ISIS targets in close air support missions for the Syrian Army which led to turning the whole battle around. Eventually Russia was to cycle all of its pilots through Syria so that 100% of the were all current combat veterans.

The VT crew with Dr. Barakat (r) at the Damascus CounterTerrorism conference in Dec. 2014

I remember my suprise when a reporter ask Putin during a press conference how much that Syrian operation was costing Moscow. Putin quickly responded, “Nothing really” as we are just taking it out of the training budget.”

So the effort not only made Russia’s pilots all combat veterans, it also uncovered equipment fixes and tactics that needed to be refined, like when after helicopter losses began climbing the missions were curtailed until better tactics could be implemented, which resulted in a lot more night time missions interdicting supply chains and hitting ammo dumps.

The photo below was taken by Gordon at around 1am in the Syrian Justice minister’s office. I am behind Mike Harris, off screen in the upper right trying to see what was on his screen, but alas it was in Arabic. 

They had ISIS’s complete order of battle for its officer corp, down to which girlfriends got them on what nights, showing that Damascus had maintained undercover observers inside areas taken over by the jihaddis…very dangerous work.

Will it ever be over? Has it ever been over the the Mid east? My bet would be know, because so few dead Americans come back in body bags the American public will never tire of it, and besides, they were distracted with endless domestic issues.

As long as powerful people can make lots of money out of war, I cannot see it stopping until there is a lead pandemic among all those making the moneyJim W. Dean ]

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After midnight meeting with Syrian Justice Minister Dr. Nagym (seated) with VT – Jim Dean archives, 2015

– First published … September 24, 2020

Can there ever be a secular or even Bolshevik state encompassing much of the Middle East? Who is doing it? Is it the real NATO or the new US and Israeli dominated version, the ‘Arab NATO’ that Secretary Pompeo talks about?

What is happening is the formation of a new nation inside Syria and Iraq, one based not on Wahhabist beliefs as its first incarnation, the ISIS caliphate, but rather Kurdish socialism, long pointed out by Erdogan as a terrorist threat.

Few are aware of the shared roots of the Israeli state and key Kurdish separatist movements.

During Israel’s earliest days, the hardcore Bolsheviks among the Irgun and Stern Gang held sway over the multi-generational ‘embeds’ among not just Arab communities throughout the region but among the Kurds as well.

Kurds have always been politically drawn to Israel, the socialist state that has managed to gain incredible support from the United States while still maintaining extremely cordial relations with the Soviet Union and Russian Federation.

At heart, the Israeli Bolsheviks of the early days and their inheritors, the Likudists under Netanyahu, have worked hand in hand with the PKK inside Turkey, there recognized as a terrorist organization, and inside Iraq as well.

In Iraq, the PKK was the opponent of Saddam, where a tacit agreement was in place allowing the Turkish Army to enter Iraq at any time to destroy Kurdish-PKK capabilities. That agreement continued under US occupation of Iraq and, to a lesser extent, to this day.

However, Turkey’s capability to operate against what they see as the Kurdish domestic threat is coming to an end.

Erdogan’s huge error here was to believe that Israel and Saudi Arabia would be reliable allies against Syria and Iraq. He should remember the 2016 coup attempt, something he seems never to have gained a full understanding of.

A New Nation…of Sorts

The US, aided by Israel and Saudi Arabia, with funding from the UAE and Bahrain, is establishing a new Arab/Kurdish state along the entirety of the Turkish-Syrian-Iraqi border.

Driving this state economically is the ‘breadbasket’ of Syria along with Syria’s entire water supply and the vast untapped oil resources of Deir Ezzor province.

Across the border, in Iraq and its semi-independent Kurdish region, the new state will spread south to the Saudi border and extent eastward, not just to Iran but east and south into the Kirkuk oil fields as well.

Since 2017, the US has been building bases across Eastern Syria and now maintains a force of about 12,000, with half contractors and a few hundred Saudi and Israeli ‘nation builders.’

Replacing the old ISIS (banned in Russia) infrastructure, Saudi Arabia is acquiring oil trucks to replace those the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed, with the first 30 arriving a week ago, delivering the first truckloads of oil to Turkey and returning for more.


The defeat of ISIS, 90% the result of the Syrian Arab Army, Shiite militias in Iraq, Hezbollah and Russian Aerospace Forces, was a major setback for those who would keep the Middle East divided and enslaved.

ISIS was a ‘perfect storm’ of religious ‘phooery’ and cheap street theatre.

Famed CIA ‘fall guy,’ al Qaeda (banned in Russia) was and is much the same, false flag terrorism on demand, with fake terrorist threats delivered ‘on demand’ to any region that is deemed to require military intervention to preserve needed political control.

The West was able to protect ISIS through a ‘rope-a-dope’ bombing campaign while, in actuality, fully supporting ISIS, initially at least, then saving its leadership to be redeployed under a new guise wherever needed.

That new guise is here, wrapped in ‘socialism.’

How it is Being Done

The US began earlier this year by assassinating Arab tribal leaders and their entire families throughout Northern Syria and Deir Ezzor province. Then, one by one, regional sects, both Christian and Muslim, were approached with a ‘Hobbs End’ choice, either ‘join with the Devil’ or see your entire people executed and thrown into mass graves.

Do remember, the people of that region watched thousands of oil trucks empty the oil fields of not just Syria but the Kirkuk field of Iraq, for years. These trucks moved openly, under US air cover, for years, with daily convoys many miles long heading right through the city of Erbil, then to Mosul and from there, through Turkish occupied Iraq.

Those living under occupation inside Syria today have experienced years of duplicity by the US and its “coalition” allies, open support of terrorists which has included not just logistical support but direct military intervention, time and time again, to protect terrorist forces.

Until Russian Aerospace Forces obliterated this obscenity, the oil convoys of ‘ISIS’ were the single largest manmade feature seen on Earth from space, up to 12,000 trucks at a time moving 4 abreast.

What is also seen is the US military presence behind the new ISIS-like oil thievery. When the US announced it was bringing a shipload of Bradley Fighting Vehicles to escort oil trucks into Turkey, the message became clear.

The unique threat to the region comes from various directions. First of all, it should be accepted that the ‘social adhesion’ used to create this new society is gangsterism, bribery, threats of violence and fomenting a feeling of hopelessness among the subject populations of the region.

To accomplish this, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia have employed the same basic tools that made Britain the colonial power it became during the 18th century, they play ‘The Great Game,’ and they do it well.

Mix in the Mumbo Jumbo

VT’s Mike Harris at the Temple of Baachus, at the Baalbek Roman ruins in Lebanon – Photo Jim W. Dean, 2015

It seems every player in the region has pulled out their superstition card. For Israel, we have both the imaginary “biblical Israel,” that covered from the Nile to the Euphrates with its temples, Jerusalem, Aleppo, Palmyra, Baalbek and others, “yet to be announced.”

In order to put this plan in motion, Israel has alternatively partnered with the UAE and Bahrain, with Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood and has convinced, we are told, the Saudi royal family that they are secretly Jews.

Similarly, Israel has convinced millions of American Christian Evangelists that until Israel controls the entire Middle East and the temples are built, there will be no Armageddon and ‘rapture.’

So, to millions of Americans, among them the majority of Trump’s supporters, until Israel crushes Islam and unites those of the Middle East allowed to survive, the world can’t be destroyed allowing select Christians to bodily rise into heaven, based on heretical mistranslations of pari-Christian doctrine.

Thus, if American military are, as accused, burning wheat fields in Syria or cutting off water to villages, if these actions were eventually to bring about the “end of the world,” they would be following…

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