Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New York to Provide $2B to Illegals — The Patriot Post

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New York plans to give $2.1 billion in taxpayer money to illegal aliens. Radical Democrats in the state legislature approved a bill that would give direct payments of up to $15,600 to illegals who lost their jobs due to the ChiCom Virus pandemic. Calling it the “excluded workers fund,” these Democrats contend the funding is to provide for illegals who were not covered by the federal “COVID relief” bills.

Not all Democrats were on board, however, and opponents were naturally hit with disingenuous assertions of racism and bigotry. New York Democrat Party Chairman Jay Jacobs pushed back against the smear tactics, stating, “To assume that one’s political disagreement with spending any amount of money — no less $2.1 billion — on a program to give undocumented, non-taxpaying, off-the-book workers a humanitarian grant is motivated by racism and not economics is unjustified, uncalled for, unfair, and unbecoming of any public official elected in a democratic system that survives on the decency of civil public discourse.”

But such smears against Republicans are just part of being a Democrat, so Jacobs can spare us the indignation.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports, “In order to qualify for the money, individuals must prove they are New York residents who were ineligible for unemployment benefits and stimulus checks due to their immigration status. They will also need to demonstrate that they lost income during the pandemic.” How exactly is someone who’s not legally allowed to live or work in the U.S. supposed to provide verification of employment? That, it would seem, is a rather difficult task.

Ultimately, the most obvious question is this: Why should illegal aliens get anything since they are not legal resident of the U.S. and broke our laws to even be here? The fact of the matter is that legislation like this only encourages illegal immigration. It’s proof positive that Democrats have no interest in ending the border crisis. Indeed, to these radical leftist Democrats, even the concept of borders is immoral. Ironically, they see no immorality in taking tax dollars from hardworking American citizens and giving the money to illegal aliens who have expressly broken our laws and do not pay taxes. They see it as virtuous. But if this is how tax dollars are being used, why pay taxes? Isn’t it better to remain a noncitizen and not pay taxes while getting government handouts and having protected victim-class status?

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