Saturday, April 10, 2021

Newt Gingrich Shreds Biden’s Border Policies, “If There’s a Problem…in Texas, It’s Not Gov. Abbott”

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During an interview with Tucker Carlson, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich shredded the left’s narrative about new Covid cases in Texas and explained where most of the new cases in the state are coming from.

As most people know, there has been an explosion in illegal immigration ever since Biden rescinded and reversed most of former President Donald Trump’s policies regarding immigration and the US-Mexico border.

Tucker Carlson asked Newt Gingrich, “They’re letting foreign nationals roam the country unimpeded, with Covid. Like, why would you want those things?”

Newt wasted no time and got right to the point:

“Yeah. I just did a Tweet this afternoon saying, ‘If there’s a problem with Covid in Texas, it’s not Gov. Abbott. It’s Biden’s illegals.’ We ought to start to call them, these are Biden’s illegals coming in the country, no public health check.” (Note: After the interview with Tucker Carlson Twitter banned and deleted Gingrich’s tweet on Biden’s illegals and covid.)

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“I mean, even back in the 1880s we had public-health checks if you came to America. But here’s — Tucker, I really admire your show, I really think you’re remarkably trenchant with your insights, but I just want to offer you a thought,” Newt added.

“They don’t want to protect your America. They want to create an alternative America. It’s an America of racial — deep inequality and an anti-white and, by the way, anti-Asian basis.”

“It’s an America in which transgender dominates Christianity and Judaism. It’s an America in which they want to actually pass a bill to create a permanent machine, just like California, Chicago, and New York.”

“So when you and I talk about why would they do this for American, it’s because they really want a radically different country and they realize — they just proved it with Dr. Seuss — they really despise America.”

Watch as Newt Gingrich shreds the left’s narrative about covid in Texas by explaining where most of the new cases are coming from:

Newt Gingrich makes some excellent points.

If Biden really cared about this country, keeping it safe, solving the covid issue and getting Americans back to work he wouldn’t allow more and more illegals into this country during this time of crisis.

It’s completely irresponsible, yet Democrats and their media allies trumpet it as the best course of action, especially compared to that hardliner Trump.

Too bad sanity is not part of the policy equation, at least on the Democrat side.

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