NY Times: White Supremacist Terror Attacks on the Rise, Attackers Connected

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The number of deadly white supremacist attacks is growing, in part, because the attackers are all connected and often cite each other’s actions as their own inspiration, a new study finds.

The New York Times looked at the data and published a lengthy report Wednesday that drew connections between several white supremacists who commit shootings, bombings, and even van attacks.

For example, the accused shooter in the recent attack in New Zealand referenced a 2011 attack in Norway that resulted in 77 deaths, as did four other attackers in separate incidents.

The New Zealand shooter, who is accused of killing 50 people at two mosques, also mentioned four other white supremacist attackers in his manifesto.

The tangled web put together by the Times shows many of the attackers are connected to one another, even if they had never met or interacted and despite the fact that they live all around the world.

The Norway attacker “killed so many people at one time operating by himself, it really set a new bar for what one person can do,” author of “Extremism” and expert on the subject J.M. Berger told the Times.

Since 2009, white supremacist terrorist attacks in Europe, North America, and Australia have risen from nine to as many as 135 in 2015. The number dropped to 65 in 2016 but rose again to 88 the following year.

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