Tuesday, April 6, 2021

PBS/NPR Poll: Half Support Trump’s Post-Presidency Return to Social Media

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Americans are split on whether President Donald Trump should be allowed to tweet and post on other social media platforms once his term expires, according to a new poll.

A PBS NewsHour, NPR, and Marist poll released Friday shows that half of Americans do not think social media networks should continue to ban Trump from their platforms once Joe Biden takes office.

A majority of Americans, 58%, say Trump is to blame for the Capitol riots, but the responses heavily follow party lines with Democrats pointing the finger at the president.

Americans are also divided along party lines on whether Congress should continue to act against Trump for what happened at the Capitol, even after he leaves office. Trump was impeached by the House on a count of incitement of insurrection, but a Senate hearing has not taken place yet. That means the process of a trial is expected to drag out even after Trump leaves office. 

Poll results show:

  • 50% of Americans do not believe social media companies should continue to ban Trump from their platforms after his term as president is up.
  • 79% of Republicans do not think Trump should be restricted from social media platforms post presidency, while 73% of Democrats say social media companies should continue keeping Trump off their platforms.
  • 56% of independents say the suspension of Trump’s accounts should end after his presidency.
  • 92% of Democrats say Trump is to blame for the Capitol riots, while 82% of Republicans say Trump is not to blame for the Capitol incident.
  • 55% of independents say they blame Trump for the fallout at the Capitol.
  • 49% of Americans say Congress should continue to investigate Trump’s involvement in the Capitol riot.
  • 84% of Democrats say they back Congress acting against Trump after he leaves office, while 88% of Republicans say Congress should not act once Trump’s term expires.

The poll surveyed 1,173 Americans between Jan. 11-13. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points.

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