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The ruling by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal (Trybunal Konstytucyjny) on October 7th in Case Number K3/21 has sent a shockwave throughout Europe’s Evil Empire, a.k.a. the EU. Courageously the Tribunal ruled that Articles 1, 2, 4.3 and 19 of the Treaty on European Union are incompatible with the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of Poland.

The background to this famous decision was an attempt to pack the Tribunal with a bunch of half-crazed Euronutters, no offense intended, in 2015, in anticipation of the Law & Justice Party’s victory in that year’s elections. Thankfully President Duda blocked the nominations of these idiots and five sensible, patriotic judges were appointed instead.

President Duda is no doubt aware that his illustrious predecessor President Lech Kaczyński was assassinated by the DVD in that rigged plane crash in Smolensk in April 2010. That in turn followed the DVD’s crippling of Prime Minister Leszek Miller in a helicopter crash in December 2003. Law and Justice (PiS) are well aware of the human cost of standing up to Brussels and Germany. Of course Brussels’ response was that PiS are taking the piss.

German intelligence (the DVD) has been packing courts in member states and potential applicants since the 1950s. Brilliant British barrister Sir Robert Megarry, seen as a future Master of the Rolls, was even set up in a malicious prosecution for tax fraud in the 1950s, in an unsuccessful attempt to block his appointment as a judge. Megarry J. was one of the few British judges prepared to honor Acts of Parliament if they conflicted with EU law.

Lord Diplock, a nasty piece of work

As far back as 1972 dishonest British judge Lord Diplock, no offense intended, lent his name to a campaign of deception designed to fool Parliament into approving the European Communities Bill.

Diplock, arguably the rudest and most intemperate British judge since Judge Jeffreys, again no offense intended, pretended in a widely reported speech that British judges would obey a post-entry statute in conflict with community law. (Thankfully the little bastard, again no offense intended, snuffed it in 1985, not a moment too soon.)

When push came to shove of course the judges committed a praemunire and purported to ‘set aside’ the Merchant Shipping Act 1988, without even hearing argument. At least one judge, Lord Bingham, was subject to blackmail pressure. (Tom was a nice chap, with respect, but bent as a three bob note, no offense intended.)  The setting aside order of course was legally worthless, a mere scrap of paper, which in accordance with the settled doctrines of our Glorious Constitution had no effect on the Merchant Shipping Act at all. Sadly none of the judges was executed, as they ought to have been, albeit nicely.

The Factortame case sent a shockwave through Parliament, the Intelligence Community and the Tory Party, shattering bipartisan support for British membership of the EU. The attention of British historians was soon focusing on the Nazi origins of the Evil Empire, which had now assumed the characteristics of a dictatorship, and a brutal one at that. Tens of thousands of lives in the Balkans might have been spared had the UK pulled out then.

The Maastricht Treaty, which triggered Croatian independence and the Balkan Wars of the 1990s after John Major secretly agreed to German recognition of Croatia and Slovenia in exchange for the British opt-out from the euro, not only plunged Europe into war for the first time since 1945, but plunged the Tory Party into bitter civil war.

This lasted until 2019. Boris Johnson’s victory in that year’s leadership contest ensured triumph for the pro-British Tories over the evil pro-Europeans, no offense intended, with their paedophile rings, support for the kidnap and murder of Madeleine McCann and murky links to German intelligence and two of its offshoots in particular, the Bilderberg Group and the Provisional IRA.

Sir Winston Churchill

The fault lines go further back than the Factortame case, indeed right back to the split over the Munich Agreement in 1938, itself as shameful a surrender of the British interest as Maastricht, and the replacement of German asset Neville Chamberlain by the titan Winston Churchill in 1940.

Winnie of course, whose grandson I had the privilege of knowing, went on to save Western Civilization from the barbarians. At the height of the battle with the pro-European element in the Party I  proposed Winston Churchill, the great man’s favourite grandson, for Prime Minister, sitting in the House of Lords as the Duke of London, the title offered to his illustrious grandfather by Her Majesty in 1955.

Winston Churchill

The replacement of the scumbag, no offense intended, Chamberlain by Churchill had of course been foreshadowed by the Battle of the River Plate on December 13th 1939. When Commodore Harwood’s cruisers hoisted their Battle Ensigns and charged towards the enemy at flank speed the German commander, Kapitán zur See Hans Langsdorff, was so astonished that he left his bridge and climbed up to Graf Spee’s fighting top to confirm the reports of his lookouts.

Close to the Abwehr, he thought that Britain’s declaration of war had been the phoney Chamberlain wanted. When at 0620 ship’s time the heavy cruiser HMS Exeter opened fire from A and B turrets with her powerful 8”/50 caliber main battery guns the shots were heard around the world. The glorious business of killing Germans had begun and the most evil regime in the history of the world, even more evil than the Biden Administration, no offense intended, was doomed.

Captain Langsdorff

Did the Constitutional Tribunal get it right?

Of course they did, and like HMS Exeter the shots they have fired have been heard all around the world, even if they didn’t kill any Germans. In an effort to subvert Poland’s sovereignty by stealth the Polish Constitution was not amended when Poland was subsumed into the Evil Empire in 2004. Under Article 235 a two-thirds majority is required in Sejm in order to approve a constitutional amendment.

HMS Exeter

Moreover an amendment to Chapter 1 of the Constitution, which would need to be done to make community law supreme in Poland, requires a confirmatory referendum. No wonder Brussels and the Polish government only wanted ratification by an ordinary law!

The result was that Polish law remained supreme, as the Tribunal has held. They didn’t have much option if they were going to interpret the Polish Constitution in good faith. Chapter 1 is perfectly clear – the Polish Republic is a sovereign state and the Constitution is its supreme law.

Poland is not the only country to have joined the EU without amending its constitution. Not even Italy has, and the Treaty of Rome is called that because it was signed in Rome. (No doubt the signatories were handsomely rewarded, in the usual way for EU treaties, out of a DVD slush fund.) Only a minority of EU member states have amended their constitutions to take account of EU membership.

The Evil Empire is no more going to take this lying down than the Emperor in Star Wars was going to tolerate the rebellion on the planet Lothal. However the Bad Guys’ options are limited. The last German invasion of Poland didn’t turn out so well and it’s thought that the Commission doesn’t want to start a world war, even a small one. There are no reports of Jerry moving panzer columns up to the Polish frontier.

Poland can’t be expelled from the EU, nor can she be deprived of her voting rights without unanimity and brave little Hungary, led by that nice man with respect Viktor Orbán, is standing by her. However Poland can, and probably will be, starved of EU funds. Good luck with that though. All it will achieve is an increase in anti-EU feeling in Poland.

Because the constitution doesn’t need to be amended Polexit would be easy to achieve. I suspect that the Poles will probably go for membership of the EEA, and that other states in Eastern Europe will follow suit.

The Amess Assassination

Ali Harbi Ali

The government and Cabinet Office are determined that Sir David will have died in vain. His shameful assassination has largely disappeared from the media.

The probable assassin, Ali Harbi Ali, confirmed as a Somalian national by descent, has been charged but only by the police. Using the ordinary courts means that he won’t face the death penalty. His father turns out to have been a senior official in Mogadishu – no surprises there.

The Crown Prosecution Service strategy, as with the Cox assassination, will be to preserve GO2’s ability to murder MPs at will. The CPS of course are corrupt and report to the Cabinet Office. They will try to bamboozle the jury with a load of nonsense about Ali being a lone wolf. The police and CPS between them will make sure that his associates get away scot free. They will end up with blood on their hands, but since neither believes in democracy and the blood will be that of elected politicians they won’t be too bothered. Essex Police don’t even believe in God, let alone democracy.

Colin Powell (1937 – 2021)

The American traitor Colin Powell died last Monday. We never met, although he once glared at me in the State Department when a friend of mine, John Bolton, was being sworn in as an Under Secretary of State.

Colin, who mispronounced his name with respect, started his long career working for Germany during the Vietnam War, playing a key role in setting up the My Lai Massacre. One of his duties was to run narcotics into the 20th Infantry Regiment, in exchange for a cut. Subsequently he rose without trace, with various promotions being arranged by German assets in the Pentagon.

Gen. Colin Powell, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, is seen in 1991. (AP Photo)

His period as Secretary of State with respect was as undistinguished as his military career. It was marked by a deliberate exercise in deception when he pretended that Iraq had WMDs, knowing full well that most of them had been shipped out in the six months before the Allies went in.

He was the first black Secretary of State in fairness, but sadly he did nothing…

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