Saturday, April 10, 2021

Poll of Voters Finds 71% Believe Antifa is a “Domestic Terrorist Group”

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Are Americans seeing through the narrative?

The results of a Harvard-Harris poll conducted last month showed that 71 percent of respondents believe the “Antifascist” movement, commonly known as Antifa, to be a “domestic terrorist group.”

The survey questioned 1,778 registered voters from February 23-35, 2021. Only 29 percent of those surveyed said “no” when asked if they think Antifa are domestic terrorists.

The poll also asked what the respondents thought is more concerning: the January 6 Capitol protest or the Black Lives Matter-driven violence that took place in American cities throughout the summer of 2020. 

The majority — 55 percent — said the summer violence was of greater concern.

The poll then asked voters if they believe that politicians are using the events of January 6 to suppress legitimate political movements or if they believe no such suppression has occurred. A surprising 62 percent said “yes,” politicians are suppressing political movements using the Capitol protest as a justification. Only 36 percent said “no.”

Moreover, per the poll, Biden’s least popular executive orders are:

  1. Requiring schools to let biological boys play girls’ sports (45 percent/55 percent)
  2. Reducing deportations for illegal aliens who have committed a crime (45 percent/55 percent)
  3. Cancelling the Keystone Pipeline (47 percent/53 percent)
  4. Reducing immigration enforcement (49 percent/51 percent)

The survey also looked at whether respondents think illegal aliens should be returned to Mexico or released into the United States with a court date.


Sixty-seven percent answered that illegal border-crossers should be sent to Mexico, while 33 percent said they should be let loose into the United States.

Another immigration-related question in the survey was: “Do you think that any holes in the border wall with Mexico should be patched or should be left open?”

Seventy-three percent of those surveyed said such holes should be patched, while only 27 percent believed they should be left open.

These results cast doubt on the Left’s claims that the majority of the American people agree with their narrative on issues such as Antifa violence, censorship, and illegal immigration.

While those who expressed an unfavorable view of Antifa were correct in deeming it a “terrorist” group, the reality is that Antifa is not a “domestic,” but an international terrorist organization.

Chapters of “Anti-Fascist Action” are active all throughout the western world, not just the United States. Whether in Portland or on the streets of London, Antifa radicals employ the same tactics of violence as a means of suppressing political dissent, wear the same “black bloc” clothing as a form of intimidation, and pull the same card of calling anyone who disagrees with their far-left ideology “fascists” so that they don’t have to debate them on an intellectual level.

Antifa members play up the “anti-fascist” moniker to try to make themselves appear to be the heroes. After all, aren’t all sane, moral people against fascists? But the clever wordplay obscures the fact that Antifa goons are simply revolutionary communist foot soldiers. Antifa originated, of course, as the paramilitary wing of the Communist Party of Germany in the 1930s.

It’s not surprising, then, that an Antifa-authored document detailing the group’s assault on police in Minneapolis over the summer closes with a section titled “Visions of the Commune.” The end goal of Antifa is to overthrow America’s constitutional republic and replace it with a totalitarian communist dictatorship.

While Antifa’s supporters typically claim it is decentralized and its chapters are unaffiliated with each other (not to mention the fact that Joe Biden called it an “idea, not an organization”), reports from those who have successfully infiltrated anti-fascist cells have found that the group has a “centrally organized” command.

According to a man who went by the alias “JD” at the Survival Blog, “the protests are organized by a central organization,” they “have trained and professional security teams,” and they “are completely willing to use arms and force.”

Where is the money to support these “revolutionary communists” coming from? From socialist international financiers such as George Soros. In fact, in addition to funding Antifa, prior to the 2020 election, Soros-aligned groups such as the Transition Integrity Project were pumping money to organize Black Lives Matter street “protesters” to carry out mass uprisings in the event Donald Trump prevailed.

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