Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pravda: Russian ground-based radar systems nullify advantages of USA’s F-22 – Veterans Today | News

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Russian ground-based radar systems outperform US F-22A fighters depriving them of strategic advantage.

Russian radar stations detected US Air Force aircraft that approached  Tu-95MS bombers over the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean last Friday, the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper wrote.

According to commander of long-range aviation of the Russian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Sergei Kobylash, Russian ground-based radars, having detected US fighter aircraft approaching Russian strategic bombers notified the Russian pilots of the manoeuvre in advance.

Commander of the group of bombers, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Manyagin, stressed that the pilots of F-22A fighter aircraft were behaving in a proper way without showing aggressive intentions.

Kobylash also said that the American pilots were accompanying the Russian aircraft for about 48 minutes.


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