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Protests against US police killing of George Floyd go global – Veterans Today

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…from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: The worm may have turned against Trump, if not so much domestically with his pitiful and sickening attempt to use the George Floyd killing to get his Covid failure off the front page. This it has done, but with an international reaction where even world leaders are speaking against him, a rare event and not good in an election year.

At VT try to find key items in a controversy that are being covered up or not getting covered because of a chaotic media presentation, as events are often created by means of major intelligence agency intervention to exploit for their own purposes. Staging such things were an everyday event during the Cold War.

First, the fact that we have another police killing in the news is not new. It has happened and will continue to happen from time to time. Youtube is filled with the videos of cops being quickly engaged by a gun drawing suspect. I am not afraid to mention that when young black men are arrested, resisting is commonplace, and part of a tough kid’s ‘street cred’ to show he stood up to police.

For decades this has ended up in a number of deaths, where juries have ruled officers were in fear for their lives, most often due to suspects moving their hands when repeatedly told not to.

I remember one shocking video where a black teen dropped his hands twice, as if going for a gun on his back hip. The cop screamed at him after the second time “If you don’t keep your hands up I am going to shoot you.” Once again, the kid dropped his hands just like he had twice done, and got shot. The mixed race grand jury did not indict the cop.

With the Floyd George case, we have a case so bad it goes into the stratosphere. You have not just officer Chauvin’s knee on the completely subdued man’s neck for almost nine minutes, but despite his pleas that he felt he was suffocating, we have no video of the other three cops attempting to stop the homicide in progress.

Even more bizarre, the cops knew the crowd was videotaping the event from all angles and getting the audio. The videos all show they did nothing to intervene, and that begs the question why not.

Sure, racism has been laid out there, but that was low hanging fruit. We have to go deeper. What was going through Chauvin’s mind when he was strangling this man for nine minutes, begging for his life with a dozen phone cameras rolling, and Chauvin’s three fellow cops acting like it was none of their business? I suspect they will all find themselves accessories to murder.

VT posed early on that ‘Israeli training’ played a role in this. We were not trying to grab a prize here, but break the logjam mental block on how ‘white racism’ is a plague upon the world (and I will not get into the history of the savagery of intra-minority killing). Yet no one is more ruthless during arrests as the Israelis. The IDF shoot rock throwing young Gazan kids with utter abandon, as they receive no international sanctions whatsoever.

Why has the US for decades sent police to be trained by one of the most ruthless and brutal occupation forces on the planet who are proud of that designation?

Technically the knee on the neck move is to allow the cop or soldier to keep one or two hands free to able to use his weapon to defend himself from multiple assailants, which is almost never the case.

Why doesn’t anyone in law enforcement or Congress question it? Are they afraid? And would that be fear of not only Israeli retaliation against them, but their families? Why have they been so wimpy when it comes to dealing with Israeli intimidation, when it undermines their oath to defend the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, but excluding the Israelis it seems?

And if this is the case, could they go to the White House for help and consideration, or the FBI or the Justice Department? Does anyone know of a case where this has been successful?

In closing, I would suggest we have to be careful to marshal our resources in dealing with the current multiple tiered threats. Our readers know VT is a long time student of “chaos theory”, and we are all living right in the middle of it.

We have to remember as we go looking for those pulling the strings on all this, why our own domestic Intel people are not already rounding them up the behind the scenes, with all of the surveillance technology that they have.

They monitor all of us in real time, with AI running on all social network and cell phone communications. This was all tested and developed into a high art during the Color Revolutions.

Pickup trucks full of bricks and flammable devices were being brought right through police lines, distributed and used as effectively as a full bore Special Operations command. Do you really think all these kids, who don’t even seem to know each other, could pull off something this sophisticated?

If so, the US Special Operations Command can save a lot of money by retiring our current people and hiring these kids on the cheap, with no benefits to be paid as “independent contractors” … Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … June 02, 2020

Protesters in cities across the world have staged rallies in solidarity with tens of thousands of Americans in the United States against rampant police brutality and racial profiling, following the killing of unarmed African-American George Floyd last week.

46-year-old Floyd died on May 25 in the northern US city of Minneapolis after a white police officer pressed his knee on his neck for nearly 10 minutes as he continually gasped, “please, I can’t breathe,” triggering massive rallies and clashes with police in many cities across the US.

Protests then spread to more cities in the US and across the world as the hawkish American President Donald Trump threatened protesters near the White House with the use of “the most vicious dogs and most ominous weapons,” reverberating memories of suppressing the uprising of blacks across the country during the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

1000s chant ‘I can’t breathe’ at Amsterdam rally

Nearly 10,000 protesters in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam shouted “I can’t breathe” as they converged on the city center’s Dam Square on Monday to express their solidarity with the protesters in the US.

Ignoring official calls for social distancing, the crowds of demonstrators also chanted “Black lives matter” and “No justice, no peace” and blocked traffic, though no acts of violence occurred.

New Zealand PM expresses ‘horror’ at Floyd’s killing

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Tuesday that she had been “horrified” by the killing of Floyd while in custody of US police officers, and she welcomed peaceful protest rallies in her country in solidarity.

“I think I stand with everyone else in being horrified in what we’ve seen,” Ardern said during an interview with state broadcaster TVNZ.

“I don’t want to stop peaceful protests… but rules are there to protect people,” she added, referring to social distancing restrictions on large gatherings put in place to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Her remarks came after thousands of New Zealanders demonstrated peacefully on Monday.

At least four solidarity rallies were staged across the country, with massive crowds kneeling at a protest event in Auckland. Tens of thousands of people marched from Aotea Square in central Auckland to the US Embassy, carrying signs with messages such as “Be kind,” “Silence is Betrayal,” and “Do Better, Be Better.”

Speakers called on the prime minister to denounce the killing of Floyd as a hate crime and show the same leadership as she did when a lone Australian gunman killed 51 Muslim worshipers in two mosques in the city of Christchurch on March 15, 2019. Ardern was praised globally last year for her compassionate handling of the country’s worst massacre.

Australia rally cancelled after threat of violence against protesters

In Australia, however, a demonstration planned for Tuesday afternoon in Sydney was cancelled on Monday, after people threatened to “create havoc and protest against the event,” according to an organizer.

Prior to the cancellation, however, conservative Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison had called on protesters not to “import things happening in other countries here to Australia,” insisting that the scenes in the US were “terribly disturbing, shocking” and “made [him] cringe.”

Morrison added that Australia was “fair” and applauded police and other emergency workers.

His remarks came as many Australians pointed out on social media that there had been more than 400 indigenous deaths in police custody since the end of a 1991 royal commission.

Former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull also weighed in, telling a Crikey video conference that Donald Trump was a “deliberately divisive leader” seeking to “exploit division” that, he emphasized, “far from making America great again, makes America weaker.”

Thousands of protesters are expected to take part in similar protest rallies planned for the Australian cities of Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide next Saturday.

Canada’s PM, opposition leaders vow war on racism amid protests

In Canada, meanwhile, the country’s liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his rivals in the opposition pledged to combat racism at home on Monday.

The remarks by Trudeau came after thousands of people took part in a peaceful march on Saturday in Toronto to also demand answers in the death of a young Canadian black woman, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, who fell from her 24th-floor apartment balcony last week at the presence of police officers.

Vancouver and other Canadian cities also staged peaceful protest rallies over the weekend, though tensions flared after a Sunday march in Montreal when protesters smashed windows and set fires.

Trudeau addressed “young black Canadians” during his daily press briefing on Monday, saying, “I want you to know that I am listening and that your government will always stand with you. Together, we will keep taking meaningful action to fight racism and discrimination in every form.”

Moreover, right-wing Andrew Scheer, who heads Canada’s…

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