Friday, October 7, 2022

Putin projection appears on Trump SoHo: ‘Happy to help, bro’

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[Editor’s note: This is hilarious, but to Donald Trump, it will be deeply disturbing. Whoever arranged for this little stunt was sending Trump a message that they know all about his money laundering for the Russian mafia. The choice of Trump SoHo is also a message in itself as it was built with Russian Mafia money by the Bayrock Group, the three partners in Bayrock were Donald Trump, Felix Sater of the Russian mafia and Tevfik Arif of the Kazakh mafia.

Clearly, the truth about Trump and his Russian mafia buddies is going to come out and events like this one make it look like it will be any day now; the sooner the better, before the orange buffoon can start a nuclear war with North Korea. Ian]

Putin projection appears…

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