Report: 4th Russian Spy of ‘A Bomb’ Project Discovered

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The atomic scientists of the Manhattan Project were infiltrated by spies who fled to the Soviet Union, and the fourth one has been revealed after years of FBI secrecy, according to The New York Times.

The world’s first atomic bomb work was shared with Soviets, allowing them to quickly remodel it overseas – something that has puzzled historians and scientists for over half a century – and now a fourth spy has been revealed to be Oscar Seborer, who passed details of the design on to the Soviets, according to the CIA.

Seborer, born in New York City in 1921 to Jewish immigrants from Poland, fled to the Soviet Union in 1951, receiving a military award and dying in Moscow in 2015, according to the report.

The KGB, the Soviet Union intelligence agency, reportedly had a spies on the Manhattan Project – code-named “Enormous” and the bomb called “the Gadget” by the Soviets – embedded as the “Relative’s Group,” brothers code-named Relative, Godfather, and Godsend, according to the report.

Oscar Seborer was Godsend, according to newly declassified FBI files, the Times reported.

He was “an electrical engineer whose ‘family was part of a network of people connected to Soviet intelligence,'” joining the U.S. Army in 1942, according to the report.

Details of the infiltration were reported to the FBI by an undercover agent named “Solo,” who reported Seborer “handed over to them the formula for the ‘A’ bomb.”

Seborer older brother, Stuart, reportedly still has an active phone number and address in Moscow, but a phone call and a ring at the address’ door went unanswered, according to the report.

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