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[ Editor’s Note: Once again we find Israeli news publishing what corporate media will rarely touch here as it might be viewed a being "anti-Israeli”, and having to endure the repercussions from that. In the trade we call this self censorship.

But there is a story withing a story here. The US pumps a lot of money into the Israeli economy, and in supporting its military, some of it off the books.

By that I mean that in addition to the ten years of funding pledged, Israel gets more that comes out of other US budgets like the US Army Corps of Engineers to do construction projects in Israel rather than in our own country.

But I have to give Israel credit where it is due. These internal scandals are usually aired in public. On the flip side, the huge scandal in the US over the massive Israeli espionage that goes on here never raises in official public concern whatsoever.

Congress does not care, nor does our military or intelligence organizations, the Vet orgs, or any other American institutions. To push back against Israeli espionage here would be viewed as being "anti-Israel”, which seems to be an unwritten crime here.

As for American media holding their feet to the fire, you can forget that. They are an empty shell of what we once had, and which had its problems, but at least it stood up to power from time to time as publishing reputations were built and maintained by doing so.

Those days are over, and maybe permanently soJim W. Dean ]

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It looks like the Israelis will eventually throw the Palestinians off the Temple Mount

– First published … September 14, 2018

A “secret” dossier has revealed that the Israeli military is unprepared to engage in new warfare, contradicting previous assertions issued by Tel Aviv to the contrary.

The document prepared by Major General Yitzhak Brick, the ombudsman of the Israeli military, harshly criticized the military’s readiness for war, the daily Ha’aretz reported on Friday.

He sent his assessment to Israel’s minister for military affairs Avigdor Lieberman and Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and others last week, calling for the formation of an external investigative panel into the forces’ preparedness.

Ha’aretz wrote that his demand for an inquiry reflected a deep concern over the state of the ground forces and a growing lack of trust in the Israeli military’s ability “to investigate itself and correct what needs to be rectified.”

Some Israeli lawmakers expressed shock at the revelation and expressed support for General Brick’s call for a probe into the preparedness of the Israeli military.

The dossier “is a harsh report that details the problems stemming from massive cuts of thousands of officers and noncommissioned officers in recent years, whose shortcomings are felt in dealing with routine [ope[operations] and will be felt even more so during times of emergency,” Knesset member MK Moti Yogev said.

Israeli forces run during a military exercise at the Tzeelime army base in central Israel on July 3, 2018. (Photo by AFP)


The dossier was preceded by two detailed letters to Lieberman as well as others in which General Brick focused mainly on the military’s manpower policies, describing a serious crisis that he said could have implications relating to the capabilities of the entire Israeli forces — particularly the ground forces — to fight a war, Ha’aretz added.

In an annual report released in late June, General Brick had cautioned that the Israeli military suffered from an acute shortage of doctors and psychiatrists, as well as the negative effect of cost-cutting measures.

The report had also found fault with the status of the forces’ training, training exercises, and the state of the weaponry used by the ground forces

The assessment contradicts Eisenko who had asserted in a letter earlier sent to the security cabinet and a Knesset panel that Israeli forces were at a high level of readiness for war.

As the person responsible for the readiness of the Israeli military to go to war, he believed that the Israeli forces were prepared and ready “for every mission they were called upon,” Eisenko had claimed.

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