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Spy Story: Buenos Aires and the Venezuela Coup | Veterans Today

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VT Italia (machine translated)

Even the long story of US intelligence passes through Buenos Aires to destroy the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela . A web of black widows who have made their lair in Latin America since 2002, when they fulfilled the military coup against President Hugo Chavez . It began with street protests, continued with the shooting on the crowd of foreign mercenary snipers in the pay of the putschists – exactly like February 20, 2014 in Euromaidan square in Kiev, Ukraine, with 53 dead – and ended with the surrender of the statesman who was arrested, deposed but returned to leadership of the nation three days later, due to the insurrection of millions of Venezuelans.

Since then, attempts by the Use of nab the Caribbean oil have always continued with different intensity until the now-obvious sabotage of the last days of the electric and water supply, of a gas pipeline and a refinery.

While almost all the Western media are silent, through the social profiles of various independent reporters, I kept a precise account of the attacks so far reported by the Venezuelan president Nicola Maduro or reported by ordinary people: a cybernetics at the hydroelectric plant of the Guri dam in the Confederate state ofBolivar , considered to have departed from Houston , an electromagnetic station at the Caracas energy system , 5 at different electricity stations in various parts of the country (only three in the capital), 3 tanks exploded in the PDVSA refinery of Petro San Felix in Anzoategui , a pipeline vandalized water with oil and sewage contamination of drinking water from the homes of two large areas in Carabobo and Aragua . And a few hours ago an electric booth in the Zulia region. It becomes public knowledge that behind all this there would be an international conspiracy involving various states of Latin America and that it would have one of its hubs in Argentina.

It all begins with the extortion of a fake lawyer with a small treasure trove in the midst of which high-tech James Bond devices were found and various files from 007 on highly influential figures, including an Argentine prosecutor under investigation for alleged episodes of corruption. The story is very delicate and disturbing because the names of the NSA (National Secury Agency) – the US national security agency – are reported became bitterly known in 2012 for subtle tapping of phone calls of Presidents of the member of the ‘ European Union –  and Hezbollah , the Lebanese militia bonedetta from Syria for his fundamental contribution in the fight to’ Isis but excommunicated by the governments of Washington and London as a terrorist organization pro-Iranian; therefore everything still needs to be carefully checked and proven by the judiciary.

Also because the investigation from which the plot against the state energy company Petroleros de Venezuela emerges in detailit is still in the preliminary investigation phase and all the information, partly supported by other articles, comes from the website of an Argentine Jewish activist. A source, however, worthy of the utmost attention for two reasons: firstly, because it is the antagonist of the warmongering strategies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu, which denotes a lucid capacity for geopolitical analysis also in contrast with the land of its ancestors; secondly because it does not refer to his arguments but the testimony of a federal judge before a parliamentary committee of the Congress of Buenos Aires , held yesterday, Thursday 14 March.


The fake Argentine lawyer Marcelo D’Alessio suspected of being a 007 USA involved in the coup in Venezuela

“The federal judge of Dolores, Alejo Ramos Padilla reported for almost five hours to the legislators who make up the Commission for Freedom of Expression on the multiple implications of the investigations it has in relation to the illegal conspiracy of which Marcelo D’Alessio would be a part. ». Thus begins the account of the sociologist and economist Jorge Elbaum, president of Llamamiento Argentino Judío, literally Appello Argentino-Giudeo, a cultural and social organization also committed on the front of human rights and transparency of the administrative life of the country. In his blog he makes a chronicle that looks more like the report of a clerk than a columnist’s article. Burst information, one after the other, concise and peremptory. A further confirmation of mitigation with all the benefit of inventory.

But the story he talks about is the one that is splitting Argentina in two: because on the one hand there are many parliamentarians who want to get to the bottom of the issue, on the other there are politicians loyal to the government of President Mauricio Macriwho are doing everything to discredit her. Precisely because in the investigations the name of the Head of State who has led the South American country since 2015 has also sprung up. Everything revolves around Marcelo D’Alessio who, in the end of not betraying his ancient Italian origins, finds himself in the midst of an even difficult affair to rebuild. There are very few certainties reported exclusively by the South American press.

The man was arrested last February 15 at his home in Saint Thomas , in the city of Canning (province of Buenos Aires) on the orders of the federal judge Padilla as he was suspected of having asked an employer for credits, on behalf of the federal prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, to remove it from the lawsuit on the photocopies of notebooks. These are the diaries in which Oscar Centeno, the driver of Roberto Baratta, the right-hand man of the ex-minister Julio De Vido, kept a detailed account of the money exchanges, presumably from the bribes millionaire that the construction companies would have paid to the kirchneristas governments , those of the spouses of the left-wing peronist Néstor Carlos Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner , who took turns leading the country from 2007 to 2015. “The public disclosure of notebooks, in August 2018, opened one of the greatest causes of corruption in history argentina, against the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli and the judge Claudio Bonadio »writes the website of the Argentine newspaper Clarin in turn involved in the scandal over the alleged double game of a journalist.

It was in the context of this investigation that D’Alessio made his appearance, revealing himself to be a fake lawyer with bragging contacts with the Argentine secret services Afi (Agencia Federal de Inteligencia) and now suspected of being an American NSA agent. The fake lawyer, who tried to defend the investigated magistrate with a memory that proved to be devoid of evidence, was a figure known to the media as a man close to the president Macri, the owner of Boca Juniors elected in the ranks of the conservative pro-American party Propuesta Republicana , and already defender, then he discovered himself untitled, of the repentant of the Argentine tangentopoli, the financier Leonardo Fariña.

The investigations conducted by the Dolores judge led to the discovery of a real treasure in his properties during the searches as reported by the Argentine periodical Page 16: “in addition to the villa of Saint Thomas , an apartment in Puerto Madero , another property in Chaco , ten luxury cars, two high-powered motorcycles, a yacht, a collection of 50 high-value watches, including a Double Tourbillon which, if original, is worth about $ 200,000. They also found weapons, espionage technology, a DEA plate (Drug Enforcement Administration) and FBI T-shirts». And it is precisely at this point that the story of a huge investigation into corruption takes on the gigantic dimension of international conspiracy.



The federal judge of Dolores, Alejos Ramos Padilla

In some countries like Italy, honest judges kill them by making it appear that it is only the mafia’s fault as in the case of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino  or Emilio Alessandrini , the magistrate killed in 1979 by Prima Linea militants in whose files the president emeritus of the Court of Cassation Ferdinando Imposimato found a document on the New World Order , the specter that lurks behind the now-known “deep state” the profound state of intertwining politics, international secret services and sometimes organized crime or terrorist associations. In Argentina, for now, a part of the politics is limited to discredit the inquiry of the judge Padilla.

As Elbuam always writes in his article, in fact, his burning and important deposition was solicited “by the president of the Commission for Freedom of Expression, Leopoldo Moreau , after the refusal of Senator Juan Carlos Marino, president of the Bicameral Commission for Monitoring and the Intelligence Control Agency , to invite him »to report on the delicate investigations. A similar boycott occurred on the part of the deputies of the ruling party, who refused to participate in the same “claiming that the report presupposed a show and a farce”. In this scorching climate “the exhibition of Ramos Padillahas highlighted multiple critical issues.

However, there are some unexpected axes linked to international relations, whose derivations favor geopolitical transcendence effects – the article entitled Il Punto de L’ovillo or the  whole legible end of the whole page can be pointed out – The countries involved in the analyzed documentation, which is a tenth of the total to be investigated (for now it has an expertise on one of the 4 kidnapped hard disks), they include Argentina’s link with Uruguay, Venezuela, the United States, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The espionage operations include the use of technological and IT supports coming (or supplied) for two of these countries and intelligence reports made for foreign intelligence agencies conveyed through…

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