Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Global Warming

Don’t Blame Climate Change for Massive Wildfires

The primary culprit is forestry mismanagement that panders to ecofascists. Read more

Biden’s Wildfire Gaslighting

Forest mismanagement, not climate change, is most responsible for massive wildfires. Read more

Sen. Merkley: Trump's Climate Change Denial 'Willful Ignorance'

President Donald Trump is guilty of "willful ignorance" with his denials on climate change and its connection with the wildfires that are destroying several areas in the nation's western states, Sen. Jeff Merkley said Tuesday, after having driven hundreds...

Four People Arrested for Arson in Connection With Western Wildfires

While California Governor Gavin Newsom and other climate alarmists like to claim that climate change is main reason for the severity of the wildfires currently burning in the West, another "man-made" cause is coming to light: arson. Read more

Trump Challenges California Leaders on Wildfire Causes

Donald Trump and California state officials sparred over whether climate change is contributing to out-of-control wildfires across the West, after the president insisted poor forest management drives the conflagrations. Read more

Zombie Fires in Arctic Spew Carbon Dioxide Into Atmosphere

Increasing temperatures due to climate change and wildfires may be propelling the region into a fiery new normal Read more

Jeh Johnson: Global Warming 'Number One Threat' To US, World

The raging wildfires in California are further proof that global warming, even beyond the coronavirus pandemic, is the "number one threat to our nation and to our world," Former Department of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday. "We are...

‘Climate Equity Act’ from Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris Fights Climate Change with Race-Based Social Justice

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Kamala Harris introduced a new bill in Congress on Thursday meant to combat climate change. How will this new legislation prevent the planet from heating up? By creating equal economic outcomes for all races....

Harris Reverses Herself on Fracking Ban

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Sunday reversed her support for a ban on fracking, a policy position she held through her failed 2020 presidential campaign. Harris said on CNN's State of the Union that she would support her running mate...

“Build Back Better”: Biden Rips Off Orwellian UN Slogan

With the new “Build Back Better” campaign slogan, 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden has been caught plagiarizing yet again. However, compounding the seriousness of the faux pas, this instance of plagiarism, which was ripped off from the United Nations,...
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Latest News

Secret CIA Memo: Putin probably orchestrating anti-Biden disinformation campaign – Veterans Today

Evidence is overwhelming.  VT thinks it is very good for Russia to have a puppet like Trump destroying the...
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China calls allegations of NYPD cop acting as a spy ‘pure fabrication’

China pushed back on the allegations from U.S. prosecutors that a New York City police officer has been working as a spy for its government, calling the charges filed...

Kansas City police ID 1-year-old killed in triple shooting

Authorities have identified a child killed in a triple shooting in Kansas City, Mo. as a 1-year-old boy, making him the city's youngest homicide victim...

Saudi’s and other US enemies buying American universities, so far beyond just propaganda – Veterans Today

VT: The single biggest violator, Israel, is totally left out of this filmWhile COVID-19 has disrupted many of the routines of normal life, many...

UK’s Boris Johnson announces new coronavirus prevention measures: ‘This is the moment we must act’

CDC updates guidance on coronavirusThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says COVID-19 can spread through the air; Dr. Janette Nesheiwat weighs in on...

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